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The Huge Evolution of Quilting: What Makes a Quilt an Exceptionable Bedding Buddy


Silkeborg, Midtjylland -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- The possibilities are indeed endless as quilting emerged with traditional craft, embracing bold prints and colors, minimalist design, improvisational piecing and lots of negative space.

Nowadays, young designers create modern fabrics, showing the huge evolution of quilting. Elements of bright, bold colors and patterns are common, along with extensive use of solid colors.

Just like everything that exists, quilts tell stories, set color schemes and define focal points. Quilts are distinguishable from other types of blanket because they are pieced together with a variety of cloth pieces. In selecting the best size of quilt for bed, the adage “form follows function” does really matter.

In choosing the best size, it is important to consider its functionality.

First, choose the thickness. Quilts are traditionally a thin layer of liner sandwich between cotton fabric layers. Way back then, there was no quilt thicker than two or three layers of flannel fabric. The layers are made through quilting (technique of joining at least two fabric layers by stitches or ties) in designs following the pieced embellishment of the top, either by machine or by hand. Through quilting, the fabric designs are emphasized and the lines of stitching are quite close together. Because of the thinness of quilts, impossible it would be to outline the designs as close as necessary with thick liner. Rarely, quilts are thicker than one- half inch.

Meanwhile, quilts and comforters offer different warmth and coverage. Comforters are usually two layers of fabric with loose, man-made fibers sandwiched between. However, the weights can be substantially different and it affects how large a cover is selected.

On the other hand, the length of the cover of the bed is actually the first consideration. Coverlet-sized quilts should extend more than the box spring at least one inch. Typically, quilts terminate at the head end of the bed.

Next is bedspread. A bedspread extends to the floor on both sides and at the foot end of the bed. With the cover length, bedskirts are not necessary to accommodate a pillow tuck.

In toss or scaldino, a quilt adds warmth to the bed both in function and design when folded across the foot of the bed and pulled up for a bit of extra warmth. A scaldino is a rectangular- shaped quilt, about 24 inches long and as wide as the bed plus extensions down the sides.

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