The Humor Writers Led by Todd Sawyer Help People Give an Entertaining Speach


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- Once in a while, like it or not, people will find themselves having to give a speech, no matter if it is wedding, presentation, or even an awards event. Getting passed the nerves of standing up in front of a room of people comes the mission to keep those people entertained; the difference between a good speech and bad speech is a silent room. That is why it is important to put humor into a speech, make people laugh and keep them entertained, but if that person is no Todd Sawyer and doesn’t know how to make a humorous speech, what do they do? Answer is, contact The Humor Writers.

The Humor Writers ( is a unique and much needed service that consists of veteran Los Angeles comedy writers Adam Gropman and Todd Sawyer among others. The aim of the service is to help a person giving a speech keep their audience entertained by providing laugh lines and speeches which are entertaining and funny. The comedy experts can provide laugh lines and other forms of humor that make a corporate, political or public speech, talk, presentation or toast entertaining. By adding humor people giving a speech no longer have to worry about the audience nodding off, or the room falling silent like someone had just died. By turning to the Humor Writers, the audience will remember the speech for a long time to come for all the right reasons.

Speeches delivered poorly can last in people’s memories for a very long time and can be traumatic for the person giving the speech. There is nothing more embarrassing than being faced with a room of glum people and nobody knowing if to clap, cry, or call for the undertaker because the person giving the speech has just died on stage. That is why it is important to seek speech writing help where adding humor to speeches will make the event a huge success.

Thanks to The Humor Writers and Gropman and Sawyer, a boring speech giver can be turned into comedy legend, among work colleagues, family, friends and potential customers or even voters. With just one-phone call, a boring speech can be saved, thanks to the Humor Writers.

Gropman and Sawyer have written for some of the largest touring comedians on the planet; late night shows; corporate CEO's, VP's and middle managers; attorneys and doctors; and have written for roasts of celebrities ranging from the most prominent American TV chefs to the most famous MMA fighters on the planet.

With The Humor Writers, they plan to bring this customized, cutting-edge, yet always situation-appropriate humor-writing, to corporate and political America, as well as to public figures and celebrities maintaining a high-profile social media and conventional media brand.

From wedding speeches, to corporate speeches and even political speech writing with humor, The Humor Writers have become the fourth-emergency service.

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About The Humor Writers
The Humor Writers is an awarding winning and creative staff of comedy writers with decades of experience writing and working in the entertainment industry. They have written monologue jokes for Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno and Chris Rock. They have added laughs to acceptance speeches for Kurt Vonnegut and Henry Kissinger. They have written sketches for HBO and Comedy Central.

They provide comedy material to professional speeches for Celebrities, Athletes, Corporate Executives, Politicians, as well as Public Figures and Keynote Speakers. Their goal is to produce effective laugh moments for speeches or a presentation. They listen to the needs of their clients, and help create dynamic, humorous, entertaining and appropriate material for their audience.

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