"The Hunger Games Protocol" - a New Dystopian Novel by Robert Greenberg

An informal manual and guide to the management of The Games and its tributes


Tel Aviv, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2016 -- From The Office of the President

Dear citizen of New Panem,

For seventy five years the Hunger Games have dominated our lives and have been the source of much sorrow and fearful mystery.

Until now! Since the fall of the Snow régime much has come to light including three revealing documents written by Magnus Augustus Clarr, CEO of the hunger games directorate and Avox services, a man second only to Snow himself and the heir apparent to the presidency.

In these fascinating pages Clarr leaves little to the imagination and explains in graphic detail the vile inner technical workings of the various hunger games departments and the roles played by Escort, Mentor, Peacekeeper, mortuary and arena staff, bio-services, tribute handlers the media and advertisers to name a few as well as an insight into the directorates grotesque TV production values and techniques etc.

Clarr also reveals the fascinating reality about the Avox and sheds light onto the fate of many of our loved ones sentenced to, "Rebirth Avox" and finally he courageously identifies and condemns the gross injustices' of the Snow régime.

Be warned, Clarr's work is often brutal and horrifying, but then again so were our lives! I commend it to you.

Paylor, President.
Republic of the United States of New Panem.