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The "I Do" Series: Compelling Books Empower Women to Take Ownership of Marriage, Amid Global Commitment Epidemic

Masterfully crafted by Chinyere Nwoke. ‘The “I Do” Series’ consistent of two advice books and a collection of uplifting poetry, each designed to make women value marriage for its very core and restore the world’s broken definition of family. Covering everything from embracing the struggle of monogamy to getting married in just one month and even overcoming relationship-crushing sexual anxiety, every woman who is serious about marriage will want the books gracing her shelves.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- While millions still marry every month, global divorce statistics prove that the sanctity of marriage has been long forgotten. In fact, many would now go as far as classifying marriage as a short-term and disposable union. Author Chinyere Nwoke has also struggled in matrimony, but persevered and actively worked on her relationship to ensure that she not only stays true to her vows, but keeps her family together.

In ‘The “I Do” Series’, currently consisting of three books, Nwoke shares a wealth of advice and inspiration so that other women can take ownership over their own marriages and prosper, even if another party is starting to weaken the chain.


‘The "I Do" Series: A happy fulfilling successful monogamous heterosexual relationship’: They are high school sweethearts. In what pales in comparison to a real-life drama, the “I do” Series takes us to the teetering wonderland of a relationship and chronicles the eye-opening tale of a couple. Vicissitudes plus romance plus break-ups equals a ton of I-am-done’s! While personal demons torment him, she becomes a passionate exorcist in her attempt to save him. They live on the edge and fall into disgraceful adventures of hazardous sins. Shrouded in darkness, their life together is disastrous until they miraculously stumble onto manna. The “I Do” Series simply take the mystery out of challenging relationships and make good use of thoughts, prayers and spiritual guidance from Scripture, to explain why disagreement in a relationship is an evil necessity.

‘The "I Do" Series For Singles: A Guide to Getting Married in One Month’: When two people meet--and their chemistry click--they move on to the next level-sex. And then they meet again, and again, and again...Soon, they are in a relationship. For some, it is yet another relationship waiting to hit the rocks like others before it. But for many well-meaning people, it is a dream romance worthy of lasting a lifetime. Here is how to make it happen fast--and keep it going--before it loses its lustre.

‘The "I Do" Series: Prayer Before Sex’: Sex can sometimes become…well, boring is a strong word. But you may find yourself looking at the ceiling and getting distracted, waiting impatiently for the entire “ordeal” to come to an end. Some couples become so distracted that their minds mistakenly wonder off to an old or new flame, or even a celebrity crush. In the middle of sex, some lovers may think of their finances or other troubling circumstances. Sex is the number one, fundamental physiological need and experience of human existence. Therefore, each encounter ought to be enjoyable and memorable, and some more. In the realm of physiological needs, food, sleep and shelter follow sex in the distance - in that order. Yet, we say The Grace before settling down to a sumptuous meal, a Bedtime Prayer before going to sleep, and prayer for The American Dream for shelter, ignoring the importance of prayer before sex. While some middle-aged adults may pray for long life and wealth, others pray for security and good health. Young adults pray for happiness and joy. Teenagers pray for friends and family. Toddlers pray for toys and loving parents. A good number of us pray for a sex-mate. Some of us pray for fertility while others pray for healing from sickness. Have you ever prayed for a mind-blowing, memorable sexual intercourse? If not, this personal handbook is for you. It is a quick reference for every specific prayer before sex. Extra bonus prayer before sex while single, married, sick, tired, cheated on, or after a disagreement, are included. Also, learn how to take great care of your body before, during, and after sex in order to bounce right back and be ready for more in no time. When we pray before sex, the anxiety of who-what-when-where-how-why of life smoothly melts away. Here are the best samples of Prayer Before Sex guaranteed to wake up your sexual Mojito regardless of previous experience.

“While written to directly help a couple’s relationship, the strengthening of the bonds knocks on far and beyond just husband and wife,” explains Nwoke. “It affects the entire family, and the casual nature of today’s marriages is responsible for many atrocities carried out by young people. Just think of the school shootings that are now happening every few months; these are the results of a broken home likely tarnished by the parents’ poor marriage skills.”

Continuing, “However, any woman can become the Hilary Clinton of her household and keep the family and marriage together despite the pressure from outside forces. All they need to do is be willing to learn. If they are, my books will put the love, sanctity and fruits back into any marriage.”

Readers appear to agree, leaving rave reviews. For example, Patricia A. Fryer comments, “I was able to identify with various scenarios in their relationship. Purchased a copy for my niece. I know she'll enjoy it.”

All three titles in ‘The “I Do” Series’ are available now: http://amzn.to/UPZaHe.

About Chinyere Nwoke
Chinyere Nwoke is the author of the "I Do" Series. She's a wife, a mother, a hospital professional, and an ex-military lady. She is a fun-loving, always smiling, supporter of successful relationships. Her parents have been married for over sixty years and have permanent smiley faces. She has been married for 25 years to a man she dated for eight years, and they have permanent smiley faces. Her eight siblings are all married and staying married, and everyone has a permanent smiley face. Chinyere's passion in bringing hope and restoration to relationships and marriages is well exemplified in her work. She is sharing her family secrets in her books. Nothing is held back. All her books are a must read for anyone seeking to enjoy a happy lifetime relationship. In her spare time she volunteers at charitable organizations.