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The I7 6700k and I5 6600k Face off at


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2017 -- Results for the Home CPUs Reviews reveal that the Intel I7 6700k has a clear advantage when it comes to gaming and performance versus the I5 6600k CPUs in a face off of the pros and cons of each CPU in regards to system design and in creating an economical gaming system. The Intel I7 6700k gives a more severe advantage with extra performance and is competitive in the market.

More to know about Intel I7 6700k and I5 6600k CPUs

Benchmark results between the Intel I7 6700k and I5 6600k CPUs show that the former overpowers that of the latter when it comes to FPS difference and in the same condition. The benchmark was done as both CPUs are Overclocked and non-Overclocked. The I5 Overclocked, however, outperforms the I7 non-overclocked and only on that status. The difference between the FPS isn't as big however when the system uses a good graphic card the I5 6600K Overclocked performs best.

With specs, InnoReviews the I7 6700k is faster at about 15% compared to the I5 6600k in clock speed. High-end graphics makes the difference even more noticeable especially when it comes to game performance. Depending on the system that is built, the performances of both CPUs slightly differ but not that huge of a gap.

The I5 6600k CPU is cheap compared to the performance that it gives, it is the best option when looking for a good enough CPU without spending too much for the performance. It is also suitable for computers which are not used to play the latest games at Ultra 4k resolution. It isn't as good as the I7 6700k and will not be able to keep up with Ultra 4K resolution games.

On the other hand, the I7 6700k gives maximum performance and is perfect for streams and video rendering. It is the best choice for games at Ultra 4k resolution and has a future-proof CPU that can be played with Ultra games for the next five years ahead.

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The aim of InnoReviews is to compare and to see what are the differences of the Intel I7 6700k vs. I5 6600k CPUs are in the sense of longevity, pricing, ability to play the latest games that come out and compatibility with the system. The reviews provide facts and specs that can help in determining which system or hardware is better and how it works with the latest innovations in the market.

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