The iAP Sales LLC Corporation Is Proud to Announce a New Website


Exeter, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- The iAP Sales LLC corporation proudly announces a new website, This website is to promote Heater Outlet, which is a division of iAP Sales. This website is designed to help a do-it-yourselfers, homeowner or a contractor with heating needs. Heater Outlet is an online home improvement retailer that specializes in equipment for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and dehumidification for homes or workplaces.

This website helps people find the ideal heater for the basement, bathroom or garage, along with other areas of the home. Each room has different needs as far as size, appearance, noise or heat output and this website takes all this into consideration. People can also shop by brand or style.

Heater Outlet is owned and operated by two brothers, Jarrod and Ben Castonguay. Jarrod has worked as an HVAC sales rep since 1995. He has worked with industrial design and commercial building contractors to repair, replace, or upgrade HVAC equipment. Jarrod now deals with the frontend and backend of the website, which means he oversees each product that is on the website personally.

Jarrod and his brother want to be sure they provide visitors as much information about each product. They fully research each product and if they feel one is not right for the website then they leave it off the website.

Ben, the other owner of Heater Outlet (and iAP Sales), started working in the commercial HVAC industry in 2000 and specializes in working with HVAC or mechanical engineers and architects. When engineers or architects need assistance with heating design, Ben will work with them on the design and/or the products needed. Ben is in charge of marketing, sales, and customer support. When a person has a question about a heater or other piece of equipment, he needs to feel free to ask for Ben's help. The person only needs to say he has questions and Ben is more than happy to help him with the answers.

About iAP Sales
iAP Sales was established in 2003, and is located in the historical Exeter, NH. This company targets its efforts towards products for residential home improvement, while maintaining and utilizing its expertise gained through the year it has been dedicated to the HVAC industry. iAP Sales markets and sells its products only over the internet.

The company is a family owned corporation and is an authorized dealer for the merchandise it promotes and sells on its websites and offers full support. Many of the items are pre-tested in the owners' homes for durability, efficiency and overall quality. If any product does not live up to the high standards of the company or the brothers receive unacceptable customer service from the factory, the company will drop the product or that factory line from its website. It is important to the bothers that customers are satisfied with any product purchased from their company's website and that it meets the customer's expectations. If it doesn't, they are more than happy to work with the customer to rectify the issue.

Jarrod and Ben say, “We want to have a web site that gives the customer as much information as one could possible want or need, before he makes his buying decision. If he still not 100% sure that an item we sell meets his needs, he only needs to call our toll free number. We will gladly tell him, if what we have, is a good fit or not for his application, and if it’s not, we will tell him it will not work, even if it means losing a sale."

For more information on this company and its new website, please check out or You can also call either Ben or Jerrod at 800 412-1298 or email them at

Company Name: Heater Outlet (division of iAP Sales LLC)
Owners: Ben Castonguay
Address: Po Box 647 Exeter, NH 03833
Phone: 800 412-1298