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The Importance of Challenge Coins and Why Military and Organizational Leadership Utilize Them to Build Effective Teams


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2012 -- What are challenge coins and why are they important to organizations such as the military, nonprofits, corporations and small businesses?

Typically, challenge coins are small medallions that bear the mark, insignia, name or logo of an organization, and are carried by members of the issuing organization. The coins are typically given to members of the organization to prove membership when “challenged,” and serve as devices that boost morale and help members develop connections with others in the group.

Challenge coins are given in recognition of a special milestone or achievement made by organizational members, according to Challenge Coins Limited, a site dedicated to designing and creating custom challenge coins.

According to the site, challenge coins are normally presented by military unit commanders in recognition of special achievement by a member of the unit. They are also exchanged in recognition of visits to an organization.

For other organizations, challenge coins, like those made by Challenge Coins Limited, the coins have evolved into prized pieces of recognition, collected and carried by members of the organization.

“Challenge coins are also used in business to inspire a military style brotherhood and camaraderie between teammates and they are a fantastic way to honor a valued member of your team,” according the Limited Challenge Coins website.

Along with the military, law enforcement and fire departments are becoming popular challenge coin distributors, and Limited Challenge Coins designs and crafts coins for organizations from large corporations to small businesses.

Coins come in all shapes, sizes and designs, from simple to complex 3D. Challenge Coins Limited, a leader in the challenge coin market, provides intricate coins to help build memories, foster camaraderie and can be cherished for generations to come.

Custom coin designs come in soft and hard enamel -- the site provides guidance for people wanted to create their own coins as to which surface is better – and can be any image a designer wishes to create. Challenge Coins Limited also provides guidance for creating unique challenge coins and assists clients to ensure reproduction of images for both sides of the coins is accurate, yet reflective of the heritage of the organization issuing the work of art.

“A challenge coin is a fantastic way to build a sense of brotherhood between teammates,” according to Challenge Coins Limited. “If you’d like your team to have all the fellowship and affiliation to each other of a tightly drilled military unit, then custom military coins are an incredibly effective way to inspire that spirit.”

Custom challenge coins are a symbol of loyalty that is highly prized and coveted by members of the organization. They provide significant perceived value, which is why they are so revered, signifying the kind of honor toward a team or group that people are proud to keep and display forever. Some people actually carry them wherever they go.

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