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The Importance of Olympic Nutrition


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- One of the most important components of an Olympians training program is adherence to a well-balanced, nutritionally sound diet. It fuels both performance and recovery during grueling training sessions, and gives them an edge during competitions.

The sports nutrition professionals who are working with the 2014 Winter Olympic athletes strive to make sure that while they are allowed some indulgences; their diets consist of whole, unprocessed foods to keep them in peak condition during the course of the games and their competitive times.

Experts recommend those training for competitive sports or looking to enhance performance select foods from all of the food pyramid. High protein sources include lean beef and poultry products, eggs, sea foot, and low fat dairy items. Carbohydrates such as oatmeal, whole-grain pasta, rice, and potatoes help provide sustainable energy for long training sessions and are important before the athlete hits the main stage for their competition.

In addition to these items, plenty of fruits and vegetables – particularly bananas for their high potassium content – are included in every meal the athletes are served. And the most interesting thing that athletes are given to drink is chocolate milk.

Why chocolate milk? It’s an easily digested drink with extra potassium, and the balanced combination of carbs and protein can help quickly replenish the body’s resources to aid in muscle repair.

What we can gleam and take away from knowing the eating habits of the Olympic team is the importance nutrition plays in overall physical performance. Without proper fuel, a car cannot run at peak functionality; the same is true of the body. Keeping a well-balanced diet, with a few indulgences every now and then, is key to performing well during any physical activity.

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