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The Importance of Sleep Stages to a Healthy Lifestyle


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- Though the benefits of sleep are well known, many still don’t make it a priority or an important part of their wellness program. Sleeping accomplishes numerous things that are beneficial for both mind and body – and we don’t even have to be consciously involved to get the benefit.

There are four primary stages that make up a good night’s sleep. Stage one is the space between wakefulness and slumber. When in this stage, it’s very easy to be woken up, and if a person is woken up during stage one sleep, they may feel as if they haven’t slept at all and can feel sluggish and irritable the remainder of the day.

Stage two sleep is where we spend approximately half the night. In this stage, body temperature drops and muscles relax, which triggers a release of growth hormones that repair tissue in the muscles and joints.

Recovery happens in stage three, the deepest part of sleep. Blood pressure drops and blood flow slows to further repair muscle tissue. This is also the time when the human growth hormone is secreted which can help increase muscle mass and provide a lift in energy upon waking.

The final stage of sleep is known as REM sleep. This is where vivid, imaginative dreams occur and also helps our brain process what has happened throughout the day.

These are the basics of what happens during sleep, but the full benefits of a good night’s rest go even deeper than the deepest stages of sleep. Sleep helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate, making it important for cardiovascular health, and a full night’s sleep is linked with regulation of appetite hormones that help a person make healthier food choices.

Sleep also promotes the formation of pathways in the brain that improve memory capacity, and helps remove waste at the same time the body is building up tissue.

Exercise, diet, and mental health are all part of a healthy lifestyle, but rest is the glue that holds it all together. We should all make sure that sleep is worked into any health routine for full benefits of the workouts and nutritional changes we make in our waking hours.

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