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The Inconceivable Adventures of Cabbage Boy: En'GROSS'ing New Book Captivates Kids with Noisy New Superpower!

Written by Steven London, ‘The Inconceivable Adventures of Cabbage Boy’ series attempts to tear children away from electronics and into the limitless joys of reading. However, grabbing the attention of young minds isn’t easy – until you introduce a protagonist who possesses the power of super flatulence!


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- While Steven London’s generation grew up reading ‘The Hardy Boys’ and planning their own outdoor adventures, the unfortunate lure of modern technology has denied millions of children an opportunity to discover the joys of reading. In an attempt to change this misbalance for good, London has devised and published a new series of adventure books that captures young minds with stinky aplomb.

‘The Inconceivable Adventures of Cabbage Boy’ calls on a young hero with the most shocking yet amazing of powers –impossible-to-ignore super flatulence. ‘In the Beginning’ is the series’ first volume, currently causing noses to be pinched from coast to coast.


Ralph Spitzle is a typical nine year old boy, anxiously awaiting summer vacation. Life in a small town provides ample opportunity for biking, goofing and friends, all of which were on the horizon. However, on the night before the start of vacation, an atmospheric event sends an incredibly powerful gaseous orb to Earth that has a remarkable effect on Ralph, and as he will discover, on a mild-mannered restaurant owner. Ralph soon realizes that what most nine year olds find an enjoyable pastime has become an unbridled super power.

Ralph’s now-complicated summer becomes a nightmare when the evil Cabbage Roller arrives. The Cabbage Roller creates havoc at the summer carnival, sending the poor folk of Woobegoon running for their lives. This presents Ralph’s first great challenge, and he is able to muster enough courage to ward off the Cabbage Roller. The incredible stress on Ralph - caused by these strange powers that he must keep secret - is alleviated by the return of an old friend who helps Ralph realize that with mediocre power comes mediocre responsibility. Emboldened, Ralph sets out to learn to control his new ability and use it to defend the town.

As the author explains, there’s a serious message behind the toots and rips.

“This is a funny story that was written to engage the imagination. I wanted to encourage kids to pick up books and read them for fun; grabbing their attention wouldn’t be easy but a young boy with the power of super flatulence certainly helps!” says London.

Continuing, “The books are inspired by many original comic book heroes, but my creation certainly has a unique twist. History has shown that the young readership will sit up and listen if a book is unique enough. I challenge anyone to create someone more unique than Ralph.”

Book one also features illustrations by Scott Reed, an accomplished superhero comic illustrator.

“It’s a very well packaged book that harkens back to the classic designs of yesteryear – when kids actually read books in their free time. I hope it kick-starts a new literary revolution. Keep an eye out for the series’ second volume, ‘The Battle for Prico Hill’, which is coming very soon,” London adds.

‘The Inconceivable Adventures of Cabbage Boy: In the Beginning’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1gYwnJx.

For more information, visit: http://www.cabbageboy.com.

About Steven London
A boring lawyer by day, children's book author by night, Steven London is thrilled to be bringing the world of Cabbage Boy to young readers around the world. Drawing on his childhood, his experience as a summer camp director and being a father of three, Steven has written a fun and engaging chapter book series that is easily enjoyed by kids of all ages.

When not working, writing, playing, fixing things, biking and hanging around, Steven also enjoys making Muppets with his kids.