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The Independent Highlights Things That Immigrants Do for the UK: Garth Coates Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2016 -- The Independent has recently revealed what immigrants do for the UK– highlighting things which Conservative ministers seem to be currently ignoring. Many people don't understand how migrant workers positively contribute to the UK economy and The Independent's recently published article informs these people of the many benefits of immigrants and also aspects which would make the UK struggle without them, including but not limited to the following:

- 17% of the UK workforce consists of non-UK born workers

- Immigrant workers are vital for a number of sectors and without these workers damaging economic side effect could occur. For example, construction organisations have already warned that without migrant labour projects simply couldn't get completed

- The NHS could collapse without its non-British staff whom make up a huge 19% of the workforce

- Overseas students contribute a huge £11.8billion to the UK economy each year

- Immigrants are far less likely to claim benefits that those born in the UK and are much more likely to work

A spokesperson from leading immigration solicitors Garth Coates was keen to comment saying, "Immigration is vital for the UK economy and we are always so happy when we see articles highlighting this – enabling ignorant people to realise the importance of immigrants. As immigration specialists here at Garth Coates we are always happy to assist those who require guidance and urge anyone unsure of what steps need to be taken, to contact us for leading support."

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