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The Innovative Blue Key World Cable Clips Prolong Cable's Life


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2017 -- Blue Key World is a brand that is known for its innovative and reliable wide range consumer products on, their flagship product a cable management system named Cable Clips Organizer has been the brand's best selling product due to its great quality, affordability and effectiveness. The cable clips not only prevent cable clutter their use can also prolong a cable's life and also minimize the risk of risk of fire and electrical short caused by tangled electrical cables. The simple cable management solution is helping people organize their wire woes and cable clutter of their cell phones, laptops, tablet PCs and other charging cables and USB cords.

Messy tangled wires and cables are a bad idea for multiple of reasons, when cables get tangled they are more prone to developing kinks and rips in the think rubber insulation which can expose hot electrical wires that can cause some serious danger. "Tired of all those cables and cords around your desk, TV, computer or cell phone? The Blue Key World Cord Clips will solve your problem and will make sure that your cables are organized and easy accessible for when you need them. They will help you have your headphones, chargers, USB cables or other accessory items you most need by hand at your desk"

A simple yet effective cable management system such as the Blue Key World's cable clips have helped prevent the cable clutter from happening in the first place, but it can also protect and prolong the life of the cables. The unique and versatile design of the cable management clips works with both thin and thick wires that are commonly found on TV, iPhone, smartphone, cell phone, desktop computer wires and USB cords. Each clip has a strong adhesive on the back side of the clip which sticks to most surfaces including plastic, wood, glass, rubber, metal and others. To place a Cable Clip Organizer on any surface, users simply have to peel the safety cover off the adhesive back and place them in a position and an area of their choosing.

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About Blue Key World
Blue Key World is a brand and retailer of innovative consumer products on, the brand was established in 2014. The aim of the brand is to deliver products that make lives easier for their customers and also saves time.

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