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The Innovative iTECHOR 2-in-1 Lightning Cable for Apple and Android Devices Now Available on Amazon


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2015 -- Usually, losing the original USB cable for an iPhone, iPad, iPod or even an Android phone marks the beginning of the frustrating journey of owning sub-par cables that break down easily or take ages to transfer data or give any of these devices a full charge. But, owners of these handy mobile devices do not have to suffer through these problems any longer, thanks to the iTECHOR 2-in-1 Lightning Cable.

MFi Certification

This lightning cable boasts of the prestigious Apple Mfi Certification, which is prove of its ability to provide lightning fast charging for the supported Apple devices. By extension, this means the cable can provide a great charging and data transfer experience with Android devices and other smartphone brands.

Potential buyers should also be happy to know that the lightning cable is also very similar to the standard Apple lightning cable, but much cheaper, and with a few additional extras not available with the typical Apple lightning cable.

Supports Several Devices and Accessories Besides Apple Mobile Devices

There are numerous benefits to owning this cable for those in the market for a new cable. Firstly, besides supporting popular devices from the Apple line of products, the cable can also work on devices such as Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, and a host of other Android devices.

Unrivaled Compatibility

iTECHOR's lightning cable's unique 2-in-1 feature is also quite handy, as it means that buyers who need a micro USB charger in addition to the regular Apple charger do not have to purchase a separate USB cable for such gadgets once they have paid for this this lightning cable.

This is the same feature that gives this handy accessory its invaluable improved device compatibility since users can charge other devices besides their Apple mobile devices. Most lightning chargers only cater to Apple devices, which is usually a setback for people who own both Apple devices and mobile devices using a micro-USB charging port.

The hybrid charging option is implemented quite creatively also. The additional charging/data transfer pin is held in place conveniently using a short thread so that it does not get misplaced easily. Most importantly, this eliminates the need to use up an additional USB port or keep disconnecting the entire cable when charging a device that requires a different charging pin.

Fast Data Transfer Speeds

At its best, this lightning cable can deliver data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps. So, its unique abilities do not start and end with provision of premium charging speeds.

Flexible and Long Enough

The iTECHOR cable also stands out for its unique flexibility, which is supported by a superior design that makes the cable a lot more convenient to use without the risk of falling apart after a few repeated uses as is usually the case with most lightning cables out there.

With this cable, users of the supported mobile devices can also enjoy the convenience of having an adequate 3 feet (1 meter) cable that does not force the device to remain out of reach during charging or data transfer activities. The ample 3 ft length also makes the cable ideal for use with the hard-to-reach USB ports and wall chargers that are hidden behind furniture or other objects.

Many Color Choices

With a broad choice of colors, lovers of flashy electronic cables will also definitely appreciate what this cable maker has to offer. The cable comes in a choice of three colors: blue, green and white. These are more color choices than device manufacturers offer for their cables when selling their mobile devices.

Company: iTECHOR
Address: Shenzhen,China