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The Insolvency Experts Launch a New Online Insolvency and Liquidation Resource


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2012 -- Insolvency is a constant concern for individuals and business owners of any size. The inability of debtors to pay their debts can cause chain reactions that sink companies, and often these problems are not tackled effectively due to the cataclysmic consequences paralyzing directors.

The Insolvency Experts is a new website launched by qualified Chartered Accountants and specialists in the areas of both Corporate and Personal Insolvency. The senior team comprises members of all the major professional accounting bodies in Australia including the Chartered Accountants in Australia, the CPA and also the Insolvency Practitioners Association of Australia – the only genuine peak insolvency body in Australia.

The website features an abundance of original, detail-rich content designed to help company directors understand insolvency laws and procedures. The main menu delineates Tax Debt, Insolvent Trading, Costs, Useful Information, the Resource Centre and a section on How We Help to discuss options when thinking about taking action.

The website also operates a 24 hour helpline for users to get information from qualified Chartered Accountants. The site also offers a sign-up to a free one hour webinar on the tricks and traps of corporate insolvency to brief people who may be facing these issues for the first time on the basics, free of charge.

Further to this, the site has taken a bold leap into multimedia solutions including video content, with a library of insolvency videos covering topics as diverse as building contractor advisory services, corporate and personal insolvency terms, bankruptcy and phoenix bonds. The resource centre also offers video content on do it yourself debt recovery.

A latest news and advice column also features articles and guides written by one of the company directors. This daily column features information garnered through years of providing insolvency and liquidation services to Australian businesses and should prove a valuable resource for company directors looking to learn.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “Whether you are an individual or a company director with financial concerns, a business person, an accountant, lawyer or other professional advisor, we hope that you will find our new web site not only easy to navigate but an excellent resource for written information and videos on important insolvency related topics.”

About Insolvency Experts
Insolvency Experts are experts in Corporate and personal insolvency in Australia, fully registered and qualified with years of experience, lots of news and advice and a blog updated daily. The phone line is answered 24 hours a day, toll free, by a qualified director of the company.

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