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The Internet Marketing Experts Unveil Website to Help Industry Newcomers Get Started

Site helps new online marketers decipher the details of internet business and avoid pitfalls, reports


Blainville, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- The Internet Marketing Experts today announced its website, which is dedicated to providing practical advice and guides for online marketing success. This advice is excellent for new entrants into the vast field of making money online, and covers everything from SEO (search engine marketing) to building a community.

"Many newcomers are totally blown away by the amount of things that need to be learned to be successful," noted Antoine Khanji of Internet Marketing Experts. "Even worse, they often fall for sales pitches by supposed 'gurus' whose main expertise turns out to be selling their own products. These so-called Internet marketing experts can charge hundreds of dollars - sometimes over $1000 - for material that can easily be learned for free right on our site. While we do offer links to paid guides, we make sure that those guides offer more than basic advice. This way, people can learn the basics from us and then fine-tune their knowledge with the advanced offerings."

At the time of this writing, the latest post by The Internet Marketing Experts gives in-depth instruction in SEO. This instruction page goes far beyond what most articles on the subject say. It starts with an explanation of just what search engine spiders are and goes all the way to discussing on-page factors like keyword choice, keyword density, and the use of HTML tags. Such information is very newbie-friendly and provides the foundation needed to understand more in-depth material. Older posts cover the importance of good content and just what "good content" actually is, warns of pitfalls to avoid when building an internet company, and more.

"We believe that the first step an expert should take when teaching someone new is to explain the basic techniques for online marketing," Khanji said. "Many people give up before they've even begun either because they're overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to learn or because they make easily-avoidable missteps early on. By presenting this information in a clear way and offering plenty of free guidance, we help them devise a clear map to success. This also helps readers spot pitfalls that they would otherwise need to learn the hard way."

Paid guides have their place, but only after the basic information has been digested. Getting the starter-level information before buying a guide is a good idea because this allows the guide's teachings to be full understood. Going about learning in this way is also financially beneficial since it eliminates the need to pay for basic education. Learners who get the framework of a business set up before investing in guides will also be able to quickly utilize any new data they obtain.

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The Internet Marketing Experts was founded by Antoine Khanji to help people reach their full potential, help create and build up internet businesses, and "push humanity forward." Its site offers free information as well as paid guides on internet marketing and how to be successful with online businesses.