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The Intricacies Behind the Manufacturing of PC Boards

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Shenzhen City, Nanshan -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- The industry involved in the manufacture of the PC board requires several processes and it is quite a complex one. The process involves the manufacture of both single as well as multi – layered circuits. In some of the stages of the manufacturing of these boards, the level of pollutants is either very low or totally absent.

As mentioned earlier, there are several processes involved, which ultimately lead to the final product. According to the website of a renowned PCB producer , the processes that are involved includes many chemicals, electrical, mechanical, and optical processes. These mainly depend upon the type of final product that is required. The boards that are developed are all made on a non – conducting unit as the electric circuits will be developed for them. So, the property of the board has to be like that of a plastic or wood that does not conduct electricity. Generally all the PCBs are produced in large lots, and then they are used in different types of works. Many companies are nowadays producing their own PCB according to their company's needs.

If there is a specific need that the density of the electric circuit has to be very high, then buried vias and blinds are commonly used. Some manufacturers do not use this process, and they move just partially inside the multilayer circuits, and join only those layers that require connections. So, the area that is left unused can be used for making additional circuit routes. This technology is used by the manufacturers of the HDI PCB. A very common use of these “High Density Interconnection” is seen in the sleek mobile phones that we use nowadays.

As nowadays there is high demand of thin mobile phones, the microetching is done through the formation of microvias by either photoimaging or plasma etching or through laser ablation. The company website of states that the reinforcement material being used is organic in nature, and is made from a fiber – based aramid. Long sheets of these aramid fibers are prepared, and then they are saturated with a resin system. These boards are used in several applications that require these multilayer boards.

Another high end PCB that comes handy nowadays is the “Printed Wiring Boards”. These are nowadays used in the manufacture of PCBs that are required in very large numbers. Although the initial production cost may be a bit higher but in the long run these circuits are very cost effective. The main role of the PCB prototype in the manufacturing and designing of the PCB. The prototype is scrutinized till the moment it shows the desired performance, according to the information provided by .

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