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'The Intuitive Spiritual and Wealth Coach' Releases Ground-Breaking New Book: Says, "It's OK to Be Spiritual and Wealthy!"

Written by Deborah “Atianne” Wilson, ‘It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy: 19 Essential Keys for Living a Joyful, Prosperous & Abundant Life’ is a roadmap to success from an author who knows a thing or two about living the best life possible.


Boulder, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- When the word “wealth” is uttered, most people automatically picture piles of money, gold or another precious resource. To author and spiritual teacher Deborah “Atianne” Wilson, this common mindset often prevents us from joyfully living a completely wealthy life, both spiritually and monetarily.

Wilson, who spreads her message through her own radio show, website and international clientele is widening her reach through the release of her new book, ‘It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy: 19 Essential Keys for Living a Joyful, Prosperous & Abundant Life.’

“Spirituality AND Wealth are intertwined entities, yet most people keep them separate,” says Wilson. “Yes, we’re talking money, but that’s not complete wealth. I’d like to get people thinking differently, and in my book, I invite readers to shift their mindset around what prosperity is, and what wealth is, and how they are woven together. My belief is that true prosperity comes from a space of knowing that thoughts, emotions and consistent choices create individual realities. In each and every moment, a person has the ability to choose differently in order to create their ideal existence.”

Through a raw, authentic and tell-it-like-it-is, intuitive approach, Wilson uses her signature playfulness and levity to encourage readers through the 19 keys toward their extraordinary lives.


“In ‘It's OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy,’ you will learn practical application of spiritual wisdom, so you can free yourself to co-create the joyful, prosperous and abundant life that is already waiting for you. Wealth includes more than just money; by applying Deborah ‘Atianne’ Wilson's essential keys, you can positively affect your health, relationships, spiritual connection, job path and overall well-being, including financial freedom.

“Known as ‘The Intuitive Spiritual AND Wealth Coach,’ Deborah ‘Atianne’ Wilson inspires her international audiences and clientele to understand that it's truly OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy. Too often people keep spirituality and wealth separate, but Deborah reminds us of our Divine inheritance, teaching that our freedom comes from truly embodying both Spirituality and Wealth as One Essence.”

In the short time since its release, the book has gone on to earn a five-star rating on Amazon and rave reviews from the likes of James Malinchak from ABC’s hit TV show Secret Millionaire and Kristi Frank as seen on Oprah and on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

“This is a warm, wonderful and uplifting book, full of spiritual guidance and wisdom that shows you how to fulfill your potential and realize the greatness that is within you,” wrote Brian Tracy, International speaker and best-selling author for self-development, personal wealth and success.

Author and book reviewer Candi Sary was equally as impressed and wrote, “It’s wonderful the way Deborah goes beyond just self-acceptance—she wants you to feel your absolute magnificence. I love her concept of a spiritual facelift and I feel like I got one after reading her book. ‘It’s OK to be Spiritual and Wealthy’ inspired and energized me. This is one of those books I will keep out on my nightstand so I can turn to its pages whenever I need a spiritual boost.”

‘It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy: 19 Essential Keys for Living a Joyful, Prosperous & Abundant Life’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1kRuykO.

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About Deborah “Atianne” Wilson
Everything that has shifted, healed and transformed in Deborah “Atianne” Wilson’s life has come from the foundational knowledge that it all matters—we all matter. From her gift of spiritual neutrality through the portal of her intuitive abilities, she was invited to change her thoughts, emotions and every area of her life.

Deborah has been exploring questions many of us have asked as we navigate and investigate this wild and often intense experience we call life. Her initial questions like “Why me?” blossomed along her 32 years of inner spiritual inquiry to reveal higher perspectives like “What wants to be revealed now?” or “How can I see this through the eyes of Love?”

Abuse, abandonment, rejection, death, divorce, dis-ease, infertility and financial fears invited Deborah to shift from a place of depression, physical pain and egoic misunderstanding to extraordinary places of peace, empowerment, personal responsibility, healing, joy, authenticity and Love.

As a contemporary spiritual teacher, Deborah’s passion is to offer practical application for ancient spiritual wisdom. As an author, speaker and mentor of prosperous living, she has created products and services that meet people at the level that they are ready to invest in themselves, from free offerings like her weekly Spiritual AND Wealthy radio show to platinum-level coaching programs. When people are ready to make the necessary shifts to get where they need and want to be in this life, Deborah is excited and able to assist clients worldwide.

Although a native Californian, she currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, savoring motherhood, the beauty of the mountains and all the playful shenanigans that come with living a Spiritual AND Wealthy life.