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The Invasion Has Begun! 'The Stinkbug Chronicles' Makes Stinkbugs the Good Guys - Proving Everybody Has Worth

A wholly unique new series of children’s books, ‘The Stinkbug Chronicles’ takes one of life’s most unlikable creations and gives them the attention and appreciation they deserve. Author George Reagan hopes young readers will transfer that same philosophy to themselves and others. Book one, ‘The Invasion has begun!’ serves as the perfect introduction to what is poised to become a hugely-popular if unconventional sequence of books!


Hampstead, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Say ‘Stink bug’ to most people and they’ll plug their noses, scream and run in the opposite direction. However, author George Reagan has devised and created a unique series of children’s books that frame these stinky-creepy-crawlies in all of their glory.

However, it isn’t without good reason. ‘The Stinkbug Chronicles’ aims to help children realize that even if someone or something initially seems different or unlikable on the outside, there’s always something beautiful within. ‘The Invasion has begun!’ is the first volume in the series, and is now available.


Nine year old Brandon Phillips loves insects of all kinds. When he chooses to study stink bugs for the 4th Grade Science Fair, he learns there is more to these peculiar creatures than meets the eye - or the nose!

Join Brandon as he begins the exciting journey of learning about and becoming best friends with Walter, a stink bug that is no pest at all. Along the way, the two buddies embark on new adventures and learn valuable lessons about life.

As the author explains, he has big plans for the rest of the series.

“I’ll be using the stinkbug analogy to draw young readers’ attention to a range of important issues they might encounter at home, at school or in the neighbourhood. These will include bullying, good sportsmanship, protecting the environment and understanding children with Asperger’s Syndrome; everything will be addressed in a fun and light-hearted approach, even if the final message is quite a serious one,” says Reagan.

Continuing, “I’ve also written another popular book called ‘Long Shot’, which sees a father and son pursue an improbable quest and, in the process, learn more about faith and miracles than they ever knew possible. I have a passion for value-based fiction and literature is a great vehicle for giving children the education they won’t likely get in the classroom.”

Book two of the author’s new series, ‘Don’t let that bully bug you!’ is due for release later this year.

Until then, ‘The Invasion has begun!’ is now available. For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.reaganwriting.com.

About the Author: George Reagan
“I am not one of those uber-gifted individuals to whom writing comes as easy as a walk on the beach. Writing is hard for me, a craft in which I really have to work; but I love it and usually find I only put my pen or computer away each day with reluctance.

I do not have lofty goals as a writer, except to inspire my readers to dream bigger than they ever have before and to believe with all their hearts that tomorrow can be a better day. I also hope my readers find pure enjoyment in my stories.

For the last twenty-five years I have been gainfully (or did I mean painfully?) employed as a chemist. When I finally grow up I hope to experience the pleasure of writing full time. I live in Maryland with my beautiful partner and soul mate, Sherri. Between us we have been blessed with seven children – all ornery but loveable boys.”

About the Artist: Lucia Benito
Lucia Benito is an illustrator and graphic designer who firmly believes we can make the world a better place – starting with the small things. She resides in Bolivia. http://www.tuolvidastodo.com