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The Irony of Tooth Brushing: Even the Best Dentist Can't Recommend the Best Way

Without a doubt regular brushing of the teeth keeps one’s mouth and teeth healthy. Personally, some may recommend the best way to brush these assets that gives that bright smile. Apparently if one is going to ask the dental experts, they themselves can’t personally recommend the best way to brush the teeth. Ironic.


McAllen, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- A study had revealed that dental experts disagree and have conflicting ideas on what’s the best and most efficient way to take good care of one’s dental hygiene.

"Ask more than one dentist or hygienist how to brush your teeth, and they're likely to give conflicting messages," says study author Dr. John Wainwright, a practicing dentist from University College London in England. "It's confusing and potentially will make you wonder who you should trust to give you the best advice."

In conducting the study, Wainwright and Dr. Aubrey Sheiham went over the tooth-brushing advice suggested in dental school textbooks, from toothbrush and toothpaste manufacturers and provided by dental associations of 10 different countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The consensus? Sorry, Wainwright says, he and Sheiham couldn't find one.

"There's no good evidence at the moment that one method of brushing is more effective than another," he states.

According to the researchers they could find no randomized test of tooth-brushing techniques in the texts they’ve examined, and that dental professionals tend to contradict on how often and how long the brushing of the teeth should take. However, this does not lessen their credibility on taking good care of their patients’ dental health.

"A lot of different dental professionals advise different ways to brush your teeth," he said. "With the evidence currently available, a complex method may be no more useful than a simple scrub, which is a lot easier to learn."

To lessen the confusion it is advised to stick with the best dentist in mcallen tx or the family’s dentist’s expert opinion for some other opinions might have some value but these lack supporting evidence to back it up. The bottom line will be one’s trust and confidence towards the dentist.

Just like what Wainwright stated in the study: "It's undermining faith and trust in the profession as a whole."

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