The Italian Bakery and Cereals Market: What Consumers Eat and Why?


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Product Synopsis
This report provides the results for the Bakery and Cereals market in Italy from unique, highly detailed study of consumers' Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) consumption habits, and forms part of an overall series covering all CPG product markets. Its coverage includes, but is not limited to, consumption behaviors, the extent to which consumer trends influence their consumption, the value of the market these trends influence, and brand and private label choices as well as retailer choices. Much of this information can also be analyzed by specific consumer groups, providing hard and fast data on consumers and markets at the product category level.

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?
Marketers in the Bakery and Cereals market face a major challenge. Understanding market size and segmentation is valuable, but the key to effective targeting is knowing just how valuable specific consumer groups are, and being able to quantify the impact of consumer trends. This data report solves these problems by providing survey-based data on consumer trends and consumer groups, and market data that shows the exact size of consumer groups, how much of the Bakery and Cereals market they account for, and which consumer trends drive their behavior.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?
The weak Italian economy has forced consumers to evaluate and possibly alter their consumption patterns of many products, including Bakery and Cereals. This has made it essential to understand what pockets of growth might exist and whether they represent value or volume opportunities. Knowing the key consumer groups and key trends affecting the market are fundamental to achieving this level of market understanding.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?
Consumers' uptake of products and the influence of consumer trends are fundamental causes of change in markets - making knowing what these trends are and the extent of their influence crucial. The survey-based data provided in this report examines over 20 consumer trends that affect the market and examines the share of consumption across 26 consumer groups. This data provides a detailed insight into exactly who the consumer is and just how much impact the latest consumer trends are having.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
The data provided is unique in the market as it tracks consumer behavior through to its actual value impact on a product market. This provides readers with a unique data analysis of the market, allowing marketing tactics and strategy to be updated in line with the very latest consumer behaviors.

Key Features and Benefits
Consumer data, based upon proprietary surveys and then consumer group tracking and modeling for the following specific categories: Baking Ingredients, Baking Mixes, Bread andRolls, Cakes, Pastries and Sweet Pies, Cereal Bars, Cereals, Cookies (Sweet Biscuits), Dough Products, Energy Bars, Morning Goods, and Savory Biscuits.

Detailed consumer segmentation covering over 26 consumer groups, 20 consumer trends, and consumption frequency for each product category.

Consumer penetration for brands and private labels, based upon the original survey and then subsequent consumer tracking and modeling.

Unique retailer choice data at the product category level, based upon the original survey and then subsequent consumer tracking and modeling.

Key Market Issues
Consumption frequency analysis reveals that half of Older Consumers are non-users of Cereals, with other age groups also recording low overall consumption. This is very high in relation to other European markets, indicating that suppliers in Italy need to find new consumers of their products.

The Bakery and Cereals market is dominated by the Bread and Rolls category, which alone constitutes46% of the market by value. This is almost 1.5 times the size of the second-largest category Cakes, Pastries and Sweet Pies.

Morning goods are the preferred breakfast in Italy, with over 60% of both men and women recording Heavy frequency consumption. Marginally, more men than women record Medium frequency consumption, the second most common consumption frequency.

Key Highlights
The large Older Consumers age group dominates the Bakery and Cereals market, with a 29% value share of the market gained by accounting for 33% of the population. The disparity between these numbers shows that the age group hasn't reached its full potential.

The Better value for money trend affects 23% of the Bread and Rolls market, highlighting potential limits for products marketed on price.

Private labels have a 34% penetration rate in Dough Products and27% in Bread and Rolls markets. In contrast retailers only have a 5% Penetration in Baking Mixes and Morning Goods, indicating that they must increase investment in these areas if they want to grow their market Penetration to levels the Dough Products and Bread and Rolls product categories show are possible.

Companies Mentioned

Coop Italia, Conad, Carrefour, Esselunga, Auchan ,Sisa ,Eurospin

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