Jimi Newton

The Jimi Newton Project Debut Album Has Been Released


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2014 -- The Jimi Newton Project, which is a brainchild of producer and guitarist Jimi Newton, releases his debut album that offers a lot of excitement to the public. Jimi Newton is a musician with passion, unique approach and drive that can move the auditory and touch their hearts.

The sound that Jimi creates is a real explosive blend of American edm artist lifestyle combined with disco and funk grooves from the 70s. Spending his time in both places Texas and Hawaii, Jimi has a unique taste implemented in all his singles. One of them is a brand new Jimi's single "Love You Like I Do". The author promises his fans that this song will get stuck in people’s heads and minds, as it stands out of other hits and is among the favorite ones. The song comes with unique guitar modulation, steady drum beat, bass and keys. People will definitely enjoy the vocal hooks and some of the Jimi’s infectious patterns!

As an American EDM band that becomes more and more popular, The Jimi Newton Project songs are based on guitar and a variety of vocalists, recording artists and session musicians, who are very talented in electronic dance music. The amazing combination of soul, sultry vocals and funk with electronic dance beats make the unique impression on the auditory. People really enjoy the talented indie artists that are from Europe and the USA and give their contribution to the good electronic dance music. Each of their songs is fresh and unique, created and performed by the enthusiastic group of indie recording singers, artists and musicians that work hard to produce the sounds of top quality.

Jimi Newton was born in Dallas, Texas but currently produces his music in Honolulu, Hawaii, which is influenced by this location. All the fans of electro house, funk, progressive house, disco, funky funk and other similar genres, will greatly enjoy their music. The quality offered is always stable and able to provide the best excitement and enjoyment the listeners need.

Even the critics like their music, describing it as a combination of catchy melodies that are surprisingly fresh plus unique eclectic mix of electronic and sick beats, as well as electro house beats. The end result is upbeat dance grooves.

Music fans who are interested in the new edm artist and his debut album, can visit https://www.youtube.com/user/thejiminewtonproject to learn the rest of the story directly from the music itself.

About The Jimi Newton Project
The Jimi Newton Project is a successful creation of talented Jimi Newton, who have titled his debut album The Jimi Newton Project 1.0. It is available on both MP3 and CD. Music enthusiasts, who would like to download some of his music, can enjoy the "Love You Like I Do" track, downloading it with Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and other major digital retail circuit.