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The Johnson Márquez Legal Group Won't Let Divorce Ruin the Holidays


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Divorce is not something children want as a holiday gift. However, at The Johnson Márquez Legal Group, they know that sometimes these things are unavoidable. Make sure the courtroom proceedings are as painless as possible this fall and winter season by hiring divorce attorneys from The Johnson Márquez Legal Group.

Johnson Márquez did not become arguably the “best divorce lawyers in Colorado” overnight. M. David Johnson started the practice in 1994, and since then, they have evolved into a widely respected law firm in Denver working with familial issues such as divorce, family law, father’s rights and custody disputes.

The holidays don’t have to be hard because of family law disputes and custody battles. The Johnson Márquez Legal Group will defend individual rights and help people maintain their composure in times of great peril. After all, their law firm will ease the discomfort of transition from marriage to becoming a single parent.

Finding a Denver family law attorney does not have to be a troublesome, gloomy task. Let people who are used to dealing with these issues provide some comfort in times of divorce and struggle. The Johnson Márquez Legal Group helps any client start over with a system that places the highest regards to compassion, balance, integrity and excellence.

Technology will ease the process of family law proceedings as well. The Johnson Márquez Legal Group’s firm uses all-digital files with secure access, allowing versatility and confidentiality from anywhere around the globe. Their voicemail and e-mail systems are also inter-linked, ensuring that if they miss a phone call, it will be forwarded to someone’s email.

Individuals interested in hiring these divorce attorneys from the Denver, Colorado area are urged to contact them immediately. They will help with military divorce and father’s rights cases as well.

Call them today for a free consultation at 303-394-3030.

About Johnson Márquez Legal Group
The Johnson Márquez Legal Group is a national team of divorce attorneys who are committed to providing assistance for any type of family law case. The attorneys have provided nationwide assistance, collaborating on a variety of cases. To ensure efficient productivity, the legal group has invested heavily in technology, continuing to push the limit and ensuring the attorneys are providing maximum assistance for their clients. The law firm has two offices located in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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