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The Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team Offers Homes for Sale in Montgomery County, PA, Ideal for First-Time Home Buyers


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2019 -- For over 15 years, The Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team has sourced, rented, and sold homes across the Montgomery County region. As seasoned experts in Montgomery County real estate, they specialize in helping first-time buyers secure and purchase their dream homes. Their expert team of real estate professionals has recently advised on some top tips for first-time buyers.

First-time buyers must build a good credit history to show that they're responsible with money before they secure a mortgage deal. Those who are not diligent when it comes to paying back loans and credit cards are advised to change their ways before starting the journey to buy their first property.

Those new to buying a property are also encouraged to factor in all of the costs involved. This could include surveyor fees, removal firms, real estate agents, and taxes. For unfurnished homes, buyers must factor in the price of purchasing new furniture as well as electrical appliances.

The Joseph Borgad Real Estate Team recommends saving some cash aside for a "rainy day" fund. This comes in handy if homeowners suddenly have to pay a big bill, such as if the boiler or plumbing breaks down. Having some cash tucked away will mean that people won't have to resort to using credit cards in emergencies.

While navigating through the myriad of mortgage options can be a daunting task, there are plenty of low rate deals available. When a first-time buyer chooses a mortgage, they are encouraged to consider the overall cost of the deal, not just the interest rates. While a low-interest rate may seem attractive, there can be hidden charges that are attached to these deals.

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A realtor for RE/MAX, Joseph Bograd has been serving Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties for over 15 years, helping residents find an affordable home or rental property. He takes customer service very seriously and is dedicated to exceeding expectations. As a reputable realtor in the area, he is available to communicate with and assist in any issue his clients are dealing with.

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