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The Julian Ark: David J. Swanson Announces Debut Novel Starring Fearless Heroine, Madison Dawn

Madison Dawn eschews a life of post-college monotony to embark on a life of adventure searching for history’s greatest treasures, finding her identity, calling, and love along the way. As the debut novel from emerging author and playwright, David J. Swanson, his story is set to resonate with readers around the world.


Wichita, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Millions of young adults hit a rut when they grow up; finding that the adventure-laced fiction they once enjoyed doesn’t exist for mature readers. However, one author and playwright from Kansas is filling the gap and simultaneously introducing the world to a fresh and compelling set of characters.

Based around the life and adventures of Madison Dawn, ‘The Julian Ark’ provides mature readers with a wholesome and exciting opportunity to relive their young adult past.


“When a rare arrowhead-shaped ruby surfaces at an auction, artifact recovery expert James Kynan is brought in to follow the buyer. James suspects that this ruby is the key to finding Roman Emperor Caligula’s long-hidden treasure buried beneath near his Roman bath. The Giovanni organization, a crime syndicate of treasure collectors, also seeks the treasure.

Madison Dawn, a 24 year-old girl working a dead-end receptionist job, is swept up into the adventure after a traffic accident reveals that she unknowingly carried the ruby. Madison unites with James though neither understands why the Giovanni organization involved her.

At the Museum of Lost Antiquities, the grizzled curator tells them that they must use the key to find the treasure before Giovanni captures them and retakes the ruby key. Joining them as they set out is Brennan, James’ womanizing, though loyal, friend. The relationship between Madison and James is complicated by James’ devastating break-up with former love Michelle. His allegiance to Madison and his ability to lead the expedition is brought into question when Michelle reappears as one of Giovanni’s top agents. James must find the strength to conquer his old obsession or else risk losing Madison and Caligula’s treasure.

The adventure takes Madison, James, and Brennan from Wichita to Miami, a cruise ship across the Atlantic, and across Europe from Portugal to Italy and other exotic locations in Europe. Along the way, they discover that the ruby key comes from the famed Julian Ark, a vessel of historic importance to the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Russians. The secrets of the ruby key will forever change Madison's life and history's view of Caligula.

THE JULIAN ARK: A MADISON DAWN ADVENTURE is a character-driven adventure novel. Madison, beautiful though single, has lived a life of still-born dreams and false hopes and is ready to find her true calling. Readers familiar with the disillusionment of post-college life will love Madison as this modern-day fairytale forces her to take charge of her life rather than living passively. Fans of Steve Berry or Dan Brown will enjoy the back-story of Caligula and the historical narrative that brings the ruby through two-thousand years of tumultuous history and into Madison’s possession.”

As the author explains, his leading lady is a unique character unlike anything ever created in the literary world.

“Madison Dawn is a likeable heroine that eschews a life of post-college monotony to embark on a life of adventure searching for history’s greatest treasures. Madison Dawn is beautiful and smart, but unsure of her true calling. In the Julian Ark, Madison learns her true identity and finds a profession for which she is uniquely gifted: Artifact Recovery (aka Treasure Hunting),” says Swanson.

Praised by critics for perfectly bridging the gap between Christian fiction and secular fiction without smut or gratuitous violence, Swanson has also worked diligently to tackle a number of real-world issues within the book’s narrative.

“The Julian Ark deals with themes of conquering addictions, finding one’s place in life, discovering one’s natural gifts and talents, and the importance of pursuing one’s dreams rather than passively allowing life to just happen. The adventure takes place in the modern day real world, without magic or supernatural intervention,” he adds.

With the novel expected to be in high demand, interested readers are urged to purchase a copy while supplies last.

‘The Julian Ark: A Madison Dawn Adventure’, published by Swan of Ascent Media, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/X2LuVv

About the Author: Madison Dawn
David lives in Wichita, Kansas with his beautiful wife and son. He works as an aerospace engineer at an aircraft manufacturer in town, plays guitar, and directs live theater. He is currently working on his first full length play.

More information: http://www.davidjswanson.com