The Jump Manual Program by Jacob Hiller Helps Basketball Players Increase Their Vertical Leap


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- Increasing the vertical leap of an athlete was always one of the hardest goals to achieve in sports, it requires a very rigid regiment of training and most of the times the athlete will fail due to improper training and a lack of knowledge on the correct principles. According to a veteran vertical leap trainer, Jacob Hiller, a good firm program is must when it comes to increasing one’s vertical jump, therefore he created a step-by-step program that guides people on how to jump higher and he called this program The Jump Manual.

The jump manual is guide that teaches people all the things they need to be doing in order to improve their jumping ability, men can finally gain the skills and abilities required to increase their vertical jump by 6 to 10+ inches, ultimately leveling the playing field for all sorts of athletes.

According to The Jump Manual's creator, Jacob Hiller, Jacob claims boldly to return consumers money, doubling the purchase price if dissatisfied after a 60 day trial.

The Jump Manual focuses on all elements of the body that are necessary when jumping. It is offering the participant a maximum jumping ability by utilizing a multi faceted approach that encompass 9 different variables which affect an athlete’s vertical leap. This form of training can produce huge gains in a relatively very short period of time. When The Jump Manual is followed properly the process is not a difficult one, it’s all about science.

Jump Manual is a helpful method that provides users a nutritional plan, based on foods geared towards improving their performance, encouraging proper muscle-building, while promoting the prevention and reduction of possible injury. It will also teach users theories and practices of how to boost their performance effectively. Thanks to Jacob Hiller Jump Manual, people can build up strength, quickness, speed and momentum to take their highest leap. Thus, increasing an athlete’s confidence by becoming a competitive force to be reckoned with.

Jacob Hiller has been scientifically developing vertical explosion techniques for over 10 years. He began using The Jump Manual in 2004 to personally train athletes. He has trained high school, college students, and various players in the NBA, not to mention Olympic athletes and even professional slam dunk teams. Many students were producing gains quickly, and some students gained more than 20 inches on their running vertical leap by implementing his multi-faceted explosion training.

One’s age should not dissuade a consumer from purchasing The Jump Manual since 31 year old Jacob still has a 42" vertical jump.

The Jump Manual is an "all in one" vertical jump software program that provides everything one needs to succeed. Its digital format is compatible with all computer platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. This electronic download is available upon purchase. E-book includes videos, printable workouts, and pictures.

The E-book contains bonus material including:
- Free 30 day one on one email coaching
- Access to private forum for life
- 2 Experts interviews by NBA Shooting Coach Dave Hopla & Peak Performance Psychologist Dr. Cohn

Adding at least 10" to an athlete’s vertical jump is quite possible and The Jump Manual program by Jacob Hiller guarantees it.

For more information about Jacob Hiller’s program and a Jump Manual review with case study results, please visit The Jump Manual Blog at and gauge the effectiveness of this program.

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