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The Keen Healthcare Hemi Wheelchair Is a Lightweight Hemi Frame Wheelchair with Improved Wheelchair Features for Individuals Who Foot Propel

Lightweight wheelchair and Hemi wheelchair design evolves with Keen Healthcare products offering improved wheelchair locks, gently tilting seats and wheelchair cushions, and extensive stability enhancements


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2019 -- A durable frame and a low profile are critical factors to consider when looking to purchase a Hemi Wheelchair. Keen Healthcare, one of the premier manufacturers and distributors of lightweight wheelchairs and medical equipment, is based in Oregon and have a team of knowledgeable experts who can help advise which products may be best suited to each client need. The ongoing innovations in wheelchair design translate into a basic weight (without front rigging) for The Keen® FreeLander™ Hemi-Height Deluxe Lightweight Wheelchair of only 30lbs. This is for a lightweight wheelchair which has a weight capacity of 300lbs. With a low profile of only 15.5" seat to floor profile, this wheelchair is designed primarily as a mobility solution for an individual who can propel the wheelchair with their feet. Safety is always paramount, so a gentle tilt in the wheelchair seat and therefore the cushion on the seat helps to prevent falls. The standard model is offered with a choice of detachable swing-away standard footrests or elevating leg-rests.

The high strength and durable frame of the Hemi wheelchair allow Keen Healthcare to offer a lifetime warranty on the wheelchair frame. An improved wheelchair lock design helps not only with stability but also with extending the life of the wheelchair. Whereas other wheelchair designs may offer three adjustable positions for the height at the back of the wheelchair, the Keen® FreeLander™ Hemi-Height Deluxe Lightweight Wheelchair offers five positions, making it more responsive to the needs of taller residents and those who have various positioning needs.

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Keen Healthcare is a leading national manufacturer and distributor of innovative and world-class quality medical equipment and supplies focused on safety, mobility, and comfort. Vail Blackwell Horton, founder, and owner of Keen® Healthcare launched the company in 2002 while Vail was still in college out of his own physical necessity. Since then he has established several patents for his innovative line of healthcare equipment and has led Keen® to be one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in the country. Products include manual wheelchairs, reclining wheelchair designs, lightweight wheelchairs, wheelchair cushions, hospital beds for home, bariatric wheelchairs, canes, electric bed frames, folding walkers, rollators, and other medical and mobility equipment. As a manufacturer that sells direct to clients, the team is able to answer questions and find solutions for each client's unique need. Products are readily available to the US market and can be purchased easily through their e-commerce website,

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