The Keeper: A Thought-Provoking Women's Drama for the Amazon Kindle


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- The Keeper” by R. L. Mosz is a thought-provoking, contemporary women’s drama that explores and pushes the boundaries of friendship and love, revolving around two unique individuals that lead two very different lives.

Dr. Chris Seacrest, a handsome, reticent neurosurgeon and chief of staff of a renowned medical facility, is a superstar in his field. Popular, accomplished and at only thirty-five years of age, Chris is living in the fast lane, and living it to the edge. That is, until he crosses fates with a person that would crack his seemingly perfect façade – a person that would bring him to the brink of his doom.

Caitlin Rosenberry, a struggling organic restaurant waiter and herb grower in her spare time, couldn’t care less for power and status. She is already a post-stroke patient in her early twenties, and her worries include her appearance and how she’s going to recover if she goes broke on her herb farm. Little did she know that her unassuming self would be the object of Chris’ deepest desires.

A brief encounter in an examination room leads to a chain of events from which these two unique individuals have no option of turning back. Fate brings Chris and Caitlin together again and again, in the way that fate knows how to both tease and torment. Chris finds himself getting attracted to Caitlin, but Caitlin finds her challenges and reservations increasing in return.

The perfect doctor soon turns out not to be perfect at all – and so they both fall into the chaos that is the centerpiece of the thought-provoking drama in “The Keeper”.

Midwest Book Review calls it as “an excellent and riveting read with plenty of twists and turns, very much recommended reading." A review for the story’s Amazon Kindle eBook describes the book as “an engaging story about our misconceptions about social position, medicine, and love, and the choices we must make.”

“The Keeper” does not hold back on engaging storytelling and intriguing plot twists that challenge our assumptions. The dramatic twists and turn will snare you in as the story of Chris and Caitlin unfolds before you, page by page, and it will keep you in its web until the book’s very last word.

“The Keeper,” a contemporary women’s fiction book by R. L. Mosz, is available on Amazon Kindle and can be purchased by clicking here.

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