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The Kewl Shop Launches Exclusive Line of Apparel and Accessories for Unique Customers


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2013 -- Recent statistics indicate the movement toward individualism is increasing at a faster rate than in past decades. Despite this claim that individuals value their own styles and interests over those of their social clique, fear of negative peer judgment still seems to take precedence over unique characteristics. This is especially true when pertaining to fashion and physical appearance. In an effort to bring distinction to prominent trends, thus creating a harmonious combination of both worlds, The Kewl Shop has launched their exclusive online selection of apparel and accessories.

Charles Fitzgerald of The Kewl Shop explained, "The Kewl Shop provides an extensive, and constantly updated, catalog of cool items from a number of leading brands. For those who love the good life, we make it easy to find a great mix of fashion, functional and recreational products. Shopping at The Kewl Shop is an adventure for casual shoppers and shopaholics alike. We believe customers will be delighted with our products. Our catalogs feature a collection of cool stuff that simply can't be found at any other online store! We invest our efforts into selecting items and forging brand relationships with utmost care and consideration. In doing so, we have seen our unique collection grow by leaps and bounds, causing our customer base to expand quickly and abundantly."

Fitzgerald continued, "One of our most popular lines is our selection of biker gear and accessories, featuring genuine leather jackets, gloves, pants, chaps, helmets, goggles and ear warmers for men and boys, as well as ladies and girls. We also offer rare items, such as Blue tooth helmet sets and Neoprene ear warmers. Our customers within the biker community, or those who simply wish to look the part, will find clothing and accessories to meet their needs and match their personalities. They can also check out our exclusive affiliate links that provide a selection of more than 4,000 tattoo designs. These can be printed off and taken to the tattoo artist of the customers' choice; furthermore, they can be used separately or combined with multiple designs to create unlimited, unique body art."

"Also popular is our line of Baby Clothes," Fitzgerald went on to say, "We offer a boundless array of baby and toddler clothing and accessories. So many moms are disappointed with their local off-the-rack selections. With our catalog, moms can be assured they will not find the average, cookie cutter variety of baby clothes. Their little ones will stand out in the crowd, and they can mix and match our items to create a different look for every day. We carry a selection of stylish diaper bags for mom, as well. Speaking of moms, they will want to be sure to peruse our women's clothing, shoes and accessories, too. Customers may visit our website and send us an email to receive exclusive discount codes. Our discounts and promos are snapped up very quickly, and it's not hard to understand why. Ignoring a 30 percent discount on fabulous women'?s shoes is like shooting a gift horse in the mouth!"

About The Kewl Shop
The people behind The Kewl Shop strive to bring the public the most extensive and exclusive collection of all things cool through their one-stop online shop. Based out of the USA, Singapore and South East Asia, they believe that "cool"? is universal, and they focus on making top-of-the-line, hand-selected products easily available to their customers. They bring unique passion and experience to the shopping industry.