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The Kidney Stone Removal Report Reveals How to Dissolve Kidney Stones in 24 Hours reviews the Kidney Stone Removal Report, the latest natural treatment for kidney stones. The method promises to help users eliminate kidney stones in only 24 hours.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- According to the Kidney Stone Removal Report review accessible to users on, this is a safe home remedy that leads to kidney stone dissolving free of pain.

The new program was created by Joe Barton, who spent years researching to discover a safe and natural home remedy for this health problem.

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According to Barton, his method has already helped thousands of people get rid of their kidney stones, with no pain, no medication and no need to undergo surgery or other complicated medical procedures.

Daily Gossip indicates that the treatment developed by Joe Barton is fully explained in the guide released by the author.

The recipe it features for kidney disease elimination actually includes drinking a common beverage after which users will have to eat a certain green vegetable, cooked. This unique combination has the ability to dissolve kidney stones and help the patient eliminate them easier than what anyone would imagine.

According to Joe Barton the whole process takes about 3 to 4 hours. This is the time that will take the stones to dissolve, in most cases.

However, patients should know that in case these stones are bigger, it will probably take longer for the treatment to become successful. The beverage and the vegetable Barton recommends to use can easily be found at the grocery store.

The manual can be used by any patient, including individuals suffering from diabetes.

Daily Gossip writes that this home remedy has not been revealed until today, as doctors avoid using natural solutions, even though in most cases they are by far more efficient than other types of remedies.

As Joe Barton is absolutely confident in the efficiency of his program, the method features a money back guarantee.

The entire method is available in a downloadable eBook.

The eBook features painless remedies, with no side effects and absolutely no harmful effects on health. Actually, it is considered to be safe enough for pregnant women, too.