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West Bengal, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- Kingdom SEO is a remarkable White Hat SEO program by Phoenix Web Media that delivers the best search engine marketing services to online businesses, personal blogs, web pages and websites. It is one of the latest products to give superb search result listings and promises to increase any individual or company’s online presence by up to 60 percent.

Kingdom SEO makes use of today’s latest trends in virtual marketing through ranking as a top search engine query through Google search engine. To understand what Kingdom SEO does, it is first important to understand what a search engine query works like. For instance, if anyone wanted to learn about the difference between apple Macintosh and windows operating systems, they type in the keywords, apple windows difference. The search words are found through various links in the internet who have listed the keywords ‘apple’, ‘windows’ and ‘difference’. The links with the most relevant keywords are presented in the search engine results. It should be mentioned that Google picks out millions of results and sorts them by relevance or popularity and this entire process is completed within a matter of milliseconds. Such is the power and speed of internet that companies who do not have a good online presence cannot compete with the tough and cut throat competition with other sites.

That is why Kingdom SEO gives a complete keyword listing as part of its services. The program also includes a 48 hour analysis of the website or webpage before identifying what best strategy to put in place. Also, the site’s title name or URL is listed in the top PR submission sites. Authentic press releases are written in English as it is the universally understood language and medium most used on the sites. The press releases are rewritten with original content with up to 5 or 10 different press releases using similar keywords that are generated by Kingdom SEO.

Kingdom SEO indexes web pages and websites through the sitemap. The Google corporate page gives exact details about how to create a sitemap but this is done instantly through kingdom SEO’s service. The service allows users to create back links from their sites for search engine queries. The service does not make false promises nor commit to the site or page being ranked in the first paged of Google search engine but assures customers that the site or web page will slowly and gradually increase its online presence and improve page ratings. There are two price packages, Dukedom and Kingdom for the Search Engine Optimization services available.

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