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The Kittens: Author Allison Angel Shuns '50 Shades'; Urging Women to Take Charge of Desires Through Breakthrough Erotic Fiction.

Angel’s raunchy yet wholly unique narrative retains the kink that audiences desire, while depicting strong and independent women who are not afraid to dominate both their partners and their fantasies. This refreshing take on the erotica genre is poised to resonate with open-minded readers from coast to coast.


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- Cincinnati, OH – Publishing experts around the world credit erotic fiction as one of the past decade’s biggest literary booms in terms of popularity and sales. While nobody can deny erotica’s gravity among audiences, many are still becoming tired of the ‘same old’ recycled narratives that see women submitting to the demands and wishes of their unrealistic male partners. Thankfully, author Allison Angel has stormed the scene to change this stereotype for good.

She may only be in college, but Angel’s debut release titled ‘The Kittens’ is picking up momentum for its about-turn on the conventions and norms of most erotic fiction to date. In short, Angel puts women where they deserve and want to be – in charge, in control and living out their fantasies with gusto.

Bree is her high school’s head cheerleader and model student. And she’s a virgin.

On her way to lose her virginity to her long-term loving boyfriend, her life takes a turn she couldn’t have anticipated when her car breaks down and she falls into the hands of an ill-intentioned older man.

But this kitten has claws.

“This is ultimately a story of one girl’s coming-of-age, with a bold focus on her sexual development and the encounters she has along the way,” says Angel, who claims that her work also has a semi-autobiographical element. “The big twist is that Bree isn’t the submissive type that’s usually associated with erotic fiction. She’s in control, knows what she wants and has no trouble living out her fantasies in a way that will keep readers needing only the edge of their seats.”

Continuing, “But the story doesn’t just take place under the sheets. Readers get to see Bree’s tenacity and strength develop in the wider world, as she discovers herself and navigates the overwhelming choices that are part and parcel of growing up. This book will strike a chord with readers of all adult ages, but particularly new adults who struggle with the same decisions Bree has to make.”

Off to a promising start, critics await further works from Angel, who has been described by many as a ‘powerhouse’ author.

Until then, ‘The Kittens’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1h3ATkR.

For more information, visit the author’s official blog: http://www.allisonangel.wordpress.com.

About Allison Angel, in her own words
“Allison Angel is my nom de plume. I’m hiding my true identity because I’m studying in a prominent college English department and my peers and professors look down on “chick lit” and erotic fiction. Even worse, my dad is a public figure and it would be scandalous if the media found out The Kittens was written by his daughter.

Some of the book is semi-autobiographical, but because I was a high school cheerleader, etc., the media would leap to the conclusion that all of it is true. It isn’t! It’s a work of fiction based on my life experiences.

Honestly, truly, I never did sodomize a poor boy with a cucumber. Or pimp out my fellow cheerleaders.”