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The Kitty Mansion Series: Powerful New Books Inspire Young Children to Develop Positive & Compassionate Character Traits

Written and Illustrated by Vikki Gasko Green, a former victim of school bullying who now travels the country teaching children to be respectful friends, ‘The Kitty Mansion Series’ is set to inspire thousands to grow up with good character. ‘Dibs Doi, The Bully Boy’ is the series’ first volume, currently resonating with children and parents from coast to coast.


Northville, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- While millions of school children are bullied each day, Vikki Gasko Green is confident that what is perceived as an unavoidable problem can easily be stopped. As a victim of harrowing bullying herself, Green now travels the country with her acclaimed one-woman ventriloquism educational children’s show, promoting respectful behavior and strong friendships.

To reach out to even more young people, Green is delighted to announce her new character-building children’s book series – ‘The Kitty Mansion Series’ dedicated to her two daughters Logan and Taylor and husband Steve. The first installment, ‘Dibs Doi, The Bully Boy’ has been received with gusto.


Dibs Doi, The Bully Boy is the 1st book in THE KITTY MANSION children's character development series. Dibs Doi, The Bully Boy is the story of a lovable cat named Dibs Doi, who loves hogging all the attention from his people.

This makes Dibs a bit of a bully to all of the other kitties in the house and the kitties don't want to play with him. Through the book, Dibs realizes that being a kinder kitty is a better way of getting attention and making friends.

As the author explains, she’s passionate about changing the lives of as many children as possible.

“Bullying can ruin many lives – the life of the unhappy bully and those of their victims. As a young girl I was bullied throughout school and it even continued into later life. I now travel the entire country to not just tackle issues relating to bullying, but to teach children about lifelong good character. My new books sprang from this very deep passion,” says Green.

Continuing, “My goal is to develop positive character traits in children of preschool and early elementary school age. Like our children, each kitty has a different personality and every book is based on a different kitty.”

While the stories are fantastical, the kitties themselves are in fact very real.

“Dibs is one of our real pet cats and is quite the bully to other animals. Each kitty within the book was inspired by real-life members of our feline family. It’s interesting to see that bullying prevails even in the animal world. I hope children will learn powerful lessons from my slightly uncontrollable cats!” Green adds.

Inspiring children to put their imagination to work and providing heaps of thought-provoking fun, the entire series can look forward to a very bright future. With book one already available, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Dibs Doi, The Bully Boy’, published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, is available now: http://amzn.to/17vLSSA.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.vikkigaskogreen.com/

Agent’s website: http://www.michiganschoolshows.com/

About Vikki Gasko Green
Winner of Best Ventriloquist 1999 I-Fest
Winner of Best Musical Ventriloquist 1999 I-Fest
Being an entertainer since the age of 5, Green took to Ventriloquism as a duck takes to water. She remembers her Dad introducing her to the old recordings of Jack Benny and all the old radio shows including Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.

She has been honored to perform her one woman ventriloquism show at school assemblies and libraries, educating and entertaining children all across the country and in the U.K with the importance of not being a bully and respecting one another.