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The Language Class Offers Communicative Language Lessons in London

The Language Class uses an innovative teaching method to teach modern languages.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- The Language Class uses an innovative teaching method to teach modern languages. With over 10 years of experience the company has been selecting the best teachers available in London who are dedicated to use the communicative task based method.

The Language Classes specialises in teaching the main European languages such as Italian, French, German and Spanish by using one the latest methodology available today. The communicative task based method is one of the most perfected ways to teach a language to adults and children available today.

The method requires that the student is in a central position in the learning process, the student is active and aware of the learning. In the past the subject and the teacher were in the centre of the learning process, however with this method there has been an important shift of focus. In fact the learner has to actively participate to the classes, and often he or she has to cooperate with other students to complete linguistic tasks.

This activates the human necessity of communication in the target language. Tasks can be simple word or grammar games but they can be more structured such as role plays. In a typical classroom activity, a student will be the waiter and the other will be the customer. This replicates a real situation with a need to be fulfilled: order food. The students are already prepared for reality. In the role play the learner has to communicate with the the other student to have his order taken.

Generally speaking with the communicative task based method students are more motivated and they are more likely to retain what they have learned because of the active participation.

The Language Class proposes private and group classes in London to those interested in learning a second language quickly and efficiently without wasting time and money by using untrained teachers.

About The Language Class
The company has been funded by trained linguists and it has been at the forefront of language teaching since its inception. The Language Class in London offers one to one classes to private students or to corporate clients who are interested in gaining fluency in one or more European Languages.

The Language Class
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