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The Last Top Gun: F-14 Pilot's New Novel Rocks the Wings of Fact & Fiction, Paying Homage to Culture of Last Generation All-Male Navy Fighter 'Jocks'

‘The Last Top Gun: A Story Of The Last Generation Of Navy Fighter Jocks’ catapults readers off the carrier deck and into a world that only a privileged few have experienced. Author Dan Zimberoff tells a collective story of 1980s and 1990s fighter pilots who were part rock star, part airborne warrior and 100% male. Zimberoff was himself a Top Gun graduate, and part of an elite group whose lifestyle and out-of-the-cockpit experiences will never be repeated in today’s diverse new military.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- Each time Dan Zimberoff fired up an F-14 Tomcat perched on the deck of an aircraft carrier, he knew that flying a fighter jet demanded a level of brashness and rock star-esque aplomb. He never forgot that he was part of an all-male team that was the envy of many – a culture that has now crashed and burned like the fiery mishaps he witnessed too many times over his distinguished career.

Zimberoff now practices law and, acutely aware of the military’s growing use of drones and embracement of women and openly gay pilots, is proud to have been a part of a fraternity that no longer exists. His novel, ‘The Last Top Gun: A Story Of The Last Generation Of Navy Fighter Jocks’, depicts this changing culture and gives readers an opportunity to don their flight suits for an inside look at how life as a navy fighter pilot used to be before political correctness took over the military.


While flying fighters in and out of combat, US Navy pilot Eric "Spyder" Greene repeatedly came face-to-face with his own mortality. But none of his cockpit exploits prepared him for what lay ahead. The same navy that had Spyder piloting the last manually flown fighter on and off aircraft carriers, now has the reserve commander assigned to a staff job where he grapples with a post-9/11 world filled with unmanned aircraft and drones, politically-driven policies, women in combat, and doubt as to his role in any of it.

In The Last Top Gun, a novel by Dan Zimberoff, Spyder meets the future of naval aviation in the form of two young, aspiring aviators. The grizzled fighter pilot, raw and anything but politically correct, recounts his harrowing experiences when he and his squadronmates were part rock stars, part Olympic athletes in the air--and all male. Spyder's encounters and chronicles intrigue the young officers, and like the reader, they want more.

Fifty percent of the profits from the sale of this book are donated to charity organizations that support US active duty and veterans organizations.

“This book shares the story of my generation’s military,” explains Zimberoff. “We truly were a fraternity of airborne warriors; a generation that no longer exists as the military works diligently to form a ‘best of the best’ team of Top Guns representing every cross-section of society,” he adds. “I’m certainly not saying that diversity is a bad thing—far from it—but times have changed and the all-boys club I was once a part of, and every generation of military man before me, is now just a shadow of its former self.”

Continuing, “Readers get to experience all of the bravado of the ready room and heroic actions at 30,000ft, as a group of “men’s men” would say goodbye to their families without notice to travel the world fighting or keeping the peace. Some never made it home, and we all were just seconds from a fiery death on multiple occasions. The Last Top Gun s is a true showcase of what being a navy carrier pilot used to be all about.”

Since its release, the novel has garnered rave reviews. Clarion Review states, “A lively, testosterone-driven debut novel. . . Zimberoff puts readers right in the cockpit with Spyder during missions, not only detailing technology and radio chatter, but also conveying the thrill of flight. Top Gun fans will get the full story here.”

“An insightful, sometimes witty look at the life of a seasoned Navy pilot,” writes Kirkus Review.
Gerald Nielsen Jr. comments, “Fantastic book giving a true and personal prospective of Top Gun naval aviator. Demonstrates what these heroes lives are like defending our country. Great read!”

Edward Malynn adds, “I loved this book. I am a little biased...I relived some of my past life. I flew F-14s and was one of the last few lucky souls to make it to Cubi Point before the Navy closed the base. If you want to know the life of a Naval Aviator (A Navy Fighter Puke), read this book. I hope there is a sequel!”

‘The Last Top Gun: A Story Of The Last Generation Of Navy Fighter Jocks’ is available now:

For more information, visit the official website: http://www.thelasttopgun.com

About Dan Zimberoff
Dan Zimberoff knows exactly how it feels to land an F-14 fighter jet on a rolling, pitching aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean at night: “terrifying, harrowing and, if successful, exhilarating.” With over 250 catapult shots and arrested landings, Dan spent a decade in the US Navy deployed across the globe, amassing dozens of combat missions during the first Gulf War and graduating from the Navy Fighter Weapons School (“Top Gun”). He finished number one in his flight school classes and was awarded the West Coast Fighter RIO of the Year while stationed at Miramar: Fightertown USA. He also served in the Special Operations Directorate (J3) of the Joint Staff, completed evening law school during his last tour of duty at the Pentagon, and was mobilized back to active duty weeks after 9/11, where he spent a year on the staff of the Commander Pacific Fleet briefing four-star admirals and helping fight in the Global War against Terrorism.

After 25 years of combined active and reserve service, Zimberoff recently retired from the Navy as a Captain and now practices law in the Pacific Northwest.