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The Latest E-Book by, Provides Shortcuts to Workout Nutrition and Training


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- Fast Fit For Life, a company dedicated in providing e-books on diet and training, has released its latest product Total Fitness Training 360°. The e-book written by the fitness guru Ryan Engel will cover basic to advanced methods of training and will provide exclusive shortcuts for obtaining a healthy body. The e-book features day by day schedules which will be crafted for an individual’s desired fitness goals.

The media representative of the company quoted on what the e-book comprises of and how it is different from other fitness sources, “The amount of information available on workout nutrition and training is immense and often causes confusion amongst individuals. Most of the material available on the internet, TV or magazines is contradictory to one another and leads many people to incorrect paths. The truth is obtaining a healthy body is not a difficult task and shouldn’t require extreme diets or extensive training in the gym. Ryan Engel through this e-book is providing a simple yet effective strategy to remain fit and still have ample amount of time to indulge in other personal activities. The e-book has a diet and training breakdown program that can be followed by anyone without any hassles. Certain packages offered by us come with a personal critique and hands on personal training to provide a more individualistic fitness approach.”

The company is also providing a free newsletter that comprises of latest diets and training advice. The company stated that one of the e-book’s objectives was to clarify which fitness routines are most effective and have explained popular fitness fallacies to distinguish between the various techniques that provide quick results and others which are not useful.

The company informed that most of the information or advice available through the many resources is often linked with promotion and hence does not give the best methods of diet and training. The company further added that their e-book is offering honest advice and results of its weightloss nutrition and training programs can be seen within a month. Even though the techniques explained are very easy to follow and offer the best results it is still necessary to consistently follow the programs to achieve the desire body, concluded Fast Fit For Life.

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Fast Fit For Life Inc is one of the leading companies in providing e-books on diet and training program. Currently the company is offering the e-book Total Fitness Training 360°. Through their online platform,, details regarding the e-book and the various packages offered can be viewed. The company is known for its innovative exercise routines and for its shortcut methods of staying fit.

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