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The Latest Edition of the Russian Tax Code Has Been Published at Nalogovyy-Kodeks


Moscow, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2016 -- The latest edition of the Russian Tax Code has been published at Nalogovyy-Kodeks. The document includes all the changes and editions that have been adopted since July 3, 2016.

Nalogovyy-Kodeks is a web-based platform, which contains the full version of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. The document comes with all the additions and changes that have been registered since the time the Tax Code came into power. The website is highly informative and valuable for the residents of the country, who wish to stay aware of all the changes and decisions that are adopted in the Tax Code of the country. This is what the developers of the service tell about it: "The website offers the full edition of the Tax Code, which is currently the base document that regulates the tax sphere for legal entities and private individuals as well as for non-residents and foreign companies. This is the fundamental statute that concerns the functioning and the role of the tax system in Russia. In other words, this is the result of the legislative, economical and financial evolution of the country and the powerful tool for budget management in the state".

All the articles of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation provided at the website fall into two large parts, each of which concerns a separate sphere of the state's relationships with the subject of taxation. Thus, the document involves the general part that has come into power since January 1, 1999, and the second part of the document, which has been implemented since January 1, 2001. The latter part of the Tax Code regulates the major principles of taxing on the territory of the Russian Federation. All in all, the articles of the Tax Code deal with three types of tax levy classifications, namely federal, regional and local.

The latest edition of the Russian Tax Code published at the website is going to be updated and changed with regard to the laws and amendments that will come into power with the lapse of time. This will make it possible for all the residents and non-residents of the country to stay aware of the tax system of the Russian Federation to be able to successfully develop their businesses on the territory of the country. To simplify the search of users and save their time, the site offers the search filter option, which is available at the home page and allows finding any article of the Tax Code in a hassle-free and easy way any time of the day.

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About Nalogovyy-Kodeks
Nalogovyy-Kodeks is a website, which contains and delivers valuable information regarding the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. The corresponding document is published at the website to keep the residents and non-residents of the country aware of the latest changes, additions and amendments that have been added to it. The document consists of two major parts, the articles in which are updated on a regular basis. The website is available 24/7, offering the users convenient search system options that help save their time and effort.

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