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Personalized Gifts, New Children’s Book, and Baby Portraits Abound in the New Year


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2016 -- With Valentine's Day right around the corner – lovers, family members, sons, daughters, and close friends everywhere are in search of the perfect gift. Flowers and chocolates are always a great option, but sometimes they just don't carry the special significance of a personalized gift. At Good Buddy Notes, creating a special gift that is imbued with meaning is performed on a daily basis. Shelley Dieterichs is the owner and founder of the retail website; a children's illustrator who created the company to make fun notes and thank you notes available to kids. While her Valentine's are always a special treat this time of year, her collection has swelled recently with the addition of a new children's book illustrated by Shelley as well as baby portraits. Suffice it to say, it is a busy time of year for Shelley with Good Buddy Notes products.

In the fall of 2015, Shelley added a children's book she illustrated to her collection, titled Noodle & Nugget, A Tale of Two Kitties, by Stephanie Sherwin. It is currently available on the website and on Amazon. The other newest addition to Good Buddy Notes are Baby Portraits on canvas. Customers can send a jpg image that is converted into a more painterly looking portrait and mounted on a canvas stretcher bar. Customers can also elect to add a child's name to the portrait.

Shelley is truly a master of her craft, having illustrated several different alphabets (babies, boys, girls, ballet, sports, animals, garden, dog, cat and holiday) that are used to personalize new baby, kids, pets, wedding, gardeners and adult gifts. Other personalized gifts in her collection include books, blocks and nursery art – all illustrated by Shelley herself.

"Since the inception of Good Buddy Notes I have always had a flair for creating cute, baby-oriented gifts. I absolutely love the new children's book, and I had a lot of fun illustrating for Stephanie. Perhaps the most rewarding project are my baby portraits, which parents, aunts, uncles, and all sorts of extended family members have taken a great interest in. There is something special about creating that one-of-a-kind gift, and I hope that consumers recognize that and give me the pleasure of forming something unique to them and their tastes."

About Good Buddy Notes
Good Buddy Notes is the brainchild of Shelley Dieterichs, a children's illustrator who started the line in 1995 to make fun notes and thank-you notes available to kids. Customers can choose from an array of cute personalized gifts, greeting cards, and stationery kits for kids like our Here We Go Travel Kit and fun Postcard Kit. The artwork, books and award-winning stacking blocks are all illustrated by Shelley. The online store offers greeting cards, valentines, and baby onesies & t-shirts with text messages on them.
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