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The Latest Must-Have Product for the Modern Day Life - Introducing the Revolutionary Ysmart Solution


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2016 -- Launching at 8 March 2016 on Kickstarter, the Ysmart Solution is an eco-friendly, multi-functional folder that is also a planner and jotter with amazing built-in high tech capabilities brought to the public by

Combining an innovatively ingenious folder, planner and jotter with scanning smart-phone tracking, portable mini art studio and NFC Tag technologies--the Ysmart Solution literally places the future on the public's hands.

Fun and fast functionality through one simple design

The Ysmart Folder is designed to help the needs of every student, businessperson, photographer or just regular people who wish to streamline their work and hobbies with the latest technology. The Folder is a well-designed A4-sized product which is not only perfectly suitable for holding paperwork, but can also open into a portable mini-photography studio, which can also turn into a state-of-the-art scanning unit.

Smart-Phone Tracking

Its integrated NFC Tag pocket also allows users to synch with their smartphones from just a simple touch. The folder itself also comes with an in-built tracking device with the use of a smartphone - therefore any user will be able to keep track of their Ysmart Folder and smartphone at all times.

Smart Scanning

The Ysmart Folder is designed to open easily into a high quality photograph-to-scan unit. The Folder comes with a pre-cut smart-phone slot for scanning, with a folder tray below it which can be used to place any documents such as contracts or coursework. There are two methods in using this feature: simply scan the documents with a smartphone on the Ysmart Planner and Ysmart Jotter, or place any documents in the tray to photograph, scan and send the picture within seconds.

Smart Photography

The Ysmart Folder can also be set up into a mini photography studio within seconds - complete with built-in lighting and a choice of coloured backgrounds. This easy-to-use feature is perfect for hobbyists or professional photographers on the move, and this feature can also be used to photograph and upload any product shots for websites and online galleries.

Smart NFC Tag Stickers

The folder itself is also designed to carry NFC Tag Stickers which condenses multiple smart-phone functions into a single smart-phone scan. While this feature is temporarily unavailable for iPhones users, customers will be able to use this tag by simply touching their smartphones on the Ysmart Folder NFC Tag.

Ysmart Planner & Jotter: Rewritable, Water Resistant & Eco-Friendly

The Ysmart Planner and Ysmart Jotter are designed to help make the user's work and personal life even easier than before.

Made from the latest eco-friendly rock-paper materials, these re-usable and fully water resistant products are perfect for the practical and creative needs of the public.

The Ysmart Planner can be used to organize the user's daily tasks, while the Ysmart Jotter can be used to draw, make notes or record information which can then be wiped clean and reused. Customers have the option in buying the Jotter which comes in a minimalist white cover along with three functional paper styles: ruled, gridded, or blank.

Both the planner and jotter are beautifully made and fully designed to work in harmony with the Ysmart Folder. These three products are easy to use, and together can be made to make high-quality photographs and scans.

About Ysmart Design
Ysmart Design is a small team of three young professionals that have a great passion for designing creative and environmentally-friendly products for a broad customer base.

Motivated to discover new and innovative ways in bringing fresh ideas to life, such as technological products that can be used to make everyone's lives a little easier, they aim to enhance people's daily experiences and help people to save time and hassle.

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Judith Smart
Ysmart Design
Address: 150 Telegraph Place, London, E14 9XD, UK