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The Launch of BTC Robot - Are People Ready for the World's First Bitcoin Trading Robot?


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- Bit coins are the reason the BTC Robot was created. Every day the bit coin economy is continuing to grow. The use of this digital currency keeps spreading and is continually getting to be more popular.

This currency doesn’t use banks and has no borders. It is created on the Internet and can be transferred on the Internet. Many questioned the viability of the concept when it first began but the continued growth of the Bit coin culture is making that a moot point and making use of an automated bit coin robot like BTC Robot more viable.

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The use of bit coins is spreading to brick and mortar businesses that are seeking to expand their customer base. The coins are stored in a digital wallet and are readily spendable by using user’s smart phone.

Recently several Bit coin exchanges have appeared where users can exchange Bit coins for Dollars and Euros. This is the reason that the BTC Robot was developed. There is an opportunity to make money by trading bit coins but unlike any other currency trading there are no brokers or underlying costs, no governments in the way and no banks to compete with.

This is a cutting edge opportunity and the chance to gain a first mover advantage is huge.

The BTC robot analyses and interprets the rapidly changing prices of bit coin in the market. The fluctuation of prices can be as much as 100% through a month making it a highly volatile and thus a very profitable market to invest in. This makes it inevitable for bit coin users to use bitcoin robot for the sake of investment security.

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