The Launching of Big Idea Mastermind with Professor Bob Boyd

Big Idea Mastermind as a highly Automated Proven System in partners with Empower Network and Professor Bob Boyd’s business intelligence allows you to earn at least $5000/month


Inglewood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2013 -- Introduction of Professor Bob Boyd

A lot of people are now getting interested to have a career in the business industry but it has to have proper guidance to be on the right track, Professor Bob Boyd from Inglewood, California who is an entrepreneur, problem solver, founder and CEO of Successful Marketing Solutions, LLC, Emeritus Professor of Business and Management and Chairman and Board of Directors of USV-JSC and has a lifetime Community College Instructors Credential has made his decision to take action to help everyone earn money online so they too can see that there’s so much more on the internet.

Professor Bob has been in the industry for years and had so many experiences in the online business aside from being an entrepreneur he also was into different kind of project and teachings to help so many people who wants to level up their business mind, he also deal with different businessman and has established good relationship with his fellow entrepreneur so what else could people ask for? Professor Bob Boyd together with his intelligence, experiences, techniques, perspective and good heart is the perfect leader anyone could ever have. Now that the Big Idea Mastermind was launched then go on and work together with Professor Boyd as to create a good reputation in the world of internet.

The Big Idea Mastermind (BIM) was launched last March 26th 2013; Professor Bob Boyd is one of the founding members. His website is one of the top sites in BIM they announces the highlights of their one of a kind automated marketing system that no one could ever resist. They are targeting $5000 a month income for the first month or two.

Professor Bob Boyd, one of the founding members of BIM, together with Dave Wood and David Sharpe, founders of Empower Network at the Big Idea Mastermind Diamond Yacht Party

What’s with BIM?

Big Idea Mastermind is one of the successful automated marketing system that generated $790,079 in just 43 days. Getting an access to Big Idea Mastermind will get complete series to the full marketing system which will then guide everyone else to achieve the targeted amount of $5000 on the first month and double it on the second month. Professor Bob Boyd had already experienced all of this and now getting more and more income, and this is the reason why he keeps on sharing this great opportunity not just to his students but to everyone who wanted to have a lifestyle of doing great business while enjoying every moment of his life.

“This is a private group exclusive for Big Idea Mastermind team. Hangout, get to know others, ask questions, have fun… BIM is the most powerful community on the internet. LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE!” -Vick

About BIM
Its main goal is to change how business is done forever; Big Idea Mastermind has set its target to one hundred percent success rate by means of promoting the idea of making tons of money here in the internet, it’s not just all about money, it’s how to help people especially those who are in need and those have who wanted to change their lives then let Professor Bob Boyd help. He would be very happy to share all of his knowledge, perspective and experiences just to make sure if his student is on the right track of earning its first $5000.

Professor Bob Boyd in BIM

“For all the experiences I had, In life and in business, the ups and downs, the failures and success, the worst and the greatest are the things I will always treasure, I won’t even regret any of those and if I were to ask if there are things I wanted to change then I’d say none, not even a single one. Those things are my treasure, they made me and they are the witness of how strong I was and will always be. And as to now having the chance to share the leanings and lessons I’ve build is one of the best opportunity God gave me and cheers to that!” -Professor Bob Boyd

“So allow me to introduce to you with God’s glory this wonderful opportunity that everyone can benefit of, let me help you in achieving your dreams, and as to me, It is my honor to help, never miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, of all the legit ways to make money online Big Idea Mastermind is the best choice you ever had, BIM is worth a try and this decision will change your life forever!”

About Bob Boyd
A very insightful person, Professor Bob Boyd is a co-author of the best-selling book, "The Art and Science of Success Volume 2" wherein one of the chapters dealt with From a Poor Farm Boy to a College Professor and an Entrepreneur. An entrepreneur, a problem solver, he is the Founder and CEO of Successful Marketing Solutions, LLC, a company of entrepreneurs who helps fellow entrepreneurs to become successful at internet marketing, achieving the financial flexibility and freedom everybody wants to achieve.

Contact Information
Professor Bob Boyd
3618 West 117 Street, Inglewood, CA 90303, USA