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Marlton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2017 -- The lawyers at Jacobson & Rooks, LLC are available to review and negotiate severance agreements on behalf of their clients. With a client base extending from Camden County, NJ, to the city of Philadelphia, the firm's severance agreement lawyers persist in their efforts until their clients achieve the success they all rightfully deserve. Versed in law pertaining to workers and workplaces, they've assisted with termination, sexual harassment, disability, and racial discrimination—including other violations of employees' rights.

According to Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, a severance agreement can be the ideal opportunity for a worker to negotiate with their employer as they've always wanted. Because the lawyers of the firm peer into the claims being waved in such agreements, they focus their efforts on understanding the context of each case they pursue—not just the clauses of the contracts.

During consultations with clients, Jacobson & Rooks' lawyers encourage clients to speak with transparency and honesty as they brainstorm why an employer may be asking them to leave voluntarily. Once a lawyer investigates the professional history of the client and the company, the lawyers leverage these findings in negotiating severance agreements for workers in Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas.

The attorneys at Jacobson & Rooks explore every option and are very well versed in handling disputes, non-competition agreements, a/k/a non-competes, confidentiality agreements, as well as non-solicitation agreements .

Clients who wish to receive legal counsel from Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, should contact their lawyers at 800-406-8013.

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The lawyers at Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, handle many types of cases, including whistleblower and Qui Tam claims, as well as discrimination and wage payment violations, including unpaid overtime and retaliation. The firm's attorneys are dedicated to serving the needs of their clients.

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