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The Law Office of San Francisco Criminal Lawyer Peter Fitzpatrick Has a Proven Track Record

San Francisco Criminal Lawyer Peter Fitzpatrick has an outstanding success rate.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- San Francisco criminal lawyer Peter Fitzpatrick has a proven track record and an outstanding success rate. As a premiere San Francisco criminal lawyer, Peter Fitzpatrick has successfully represented the rights of hundreds of San Francisco defendants. When facing a criminal charge, San Francisco citizens need the best representation they can get. Peter Fitzpatrick has an unyielding devotion to his work as a San Francisco criminal lawyer and works tirelessly to ensure his clients remain free. Peter Fitzpatrick is an exceptional client advocate and has extensive experience in pre-trial negotiations and in practical courtroom work. Peter Fitzpatrick works to protect the rights, dignity and reputation of his defendants in and out of the courtroom.

In the case of felony charges, a San Francisco Criminal Lawyer is essential for a defendant who wants to ensure their rights remain intact. A proven success rate in the courtroom is an effective measure of an attorney’s understanding and talent working in the local courts. San Francisco criminal lawyer Peter Fitzpatrick has dozens of acquittals and dismissals on his extensive list of legal victories. If Peter can keep a case from reaching the courtroom, he will ensure a client’s rights are defended before it a case ever comes to trial. Peter understands the stress and embarrassment that comes with being the defendant of a major crime and treats every client with the utmost respect and courtesy. As a veteran San Francisco criminal lawyer with over 15 years of experience and forty cases tried to verdict, Peter Fitzpatrick is an effective answer for defendants seeking legal representation.

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