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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2019 -- Functional Capacity Exams (Or FCEs) are used to determine the physical abilities and permanent work restrictions of injured workers. As the leading workers' comp attorney serving Atlanta, The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson has advised on these examinations. FCEs are typically administered by physical therapists and consist of several tests that determine whether or not a claimant is exaggerating physical limitations related to their work-related injury.

FCE's serve two purposes: They can identify the exact physical capabilities of an injured worker and allow a physical therapist to decide what work restrictions are needed to offer recommendations to a treating physician. They can also enable physical therapists to determine impairment ratings so that the treating physician can approve them.

FCEs should not be performed until an injured worker has reached MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement). MMI means that a worker that has been injured has recovered as much as they are going to from their work-related injury. Impairment ratings are invalid until a worker has reached their MMI. Additionally, physical restrictions can't be considered permanent until the injured worker receives their MMI.

Once an FCE is completed, the report will be typed up officially by the examiner's office. After this, a workers' compensation doctor must approve the exam as well as the restrictions set forth. Upon approval, a copy of the report can be obtained by the claimant.

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