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The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Provides Representation for Injured Warehouse Workers


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2019 -- As one of the premier workers' comp attorneys in Atlanta, The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson helps injured workers from a wide variety of industries battle insurance companies to win the compensation they deserve. Due to the abundance of hazards present in the workplace, warehouse workers are at an increased risk for sustaining a work-related injury. From slip and fall accidents to equipment-related injuries, the legal team at The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson provides effective representation in a variety of warehouse workers' comp cases.

When injured on the job, many warehouse workers let their medical bills and personal expenses pile up because they are not aware of the workers' rights afforded to them by the State of Georgia. No matter the type of warehouse a person works for, or the position held, each person employed in the State of Georgia is entitled to workers' compensation if injured while on the job. Furthermore, each employer is required to purchase and maintain a workers' comp insurance plan that covers all of their employees.

In general, insurance companies try to pay out as little as possible or find any legally legitimate reason to deny a worker's claim. Hiring a workman comp attorney allows warehouse workers to effectively challenge insurance companies to receive a higher settlement payout. On average, those who are represented by a workers' comp attorney receive more compensation in their settlements than those who choose to represent themselves.

Warehouse workers who are in need of a work injury lawyer in Atlanta can contact The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson today by calling 404-692-6482.

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