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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2016 -- Darwin F. Johnson and his team of work injury lawyers serving Macon, GA and nearby towns know how to fight for the rights of workers. But while putting up a solid fight is one thing, an extensive knowledge of the law as it pertains to workplace injuries is equally as imperative for winning cases as such. Fortunately for the citizens of Georgia, The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson has that knowledge and expertise.

But work injury law is not all in which Darwin Johnson specializes. He also exhibits considerable knowledge in Georgia accident law, and the proof is in his track record. "The sad truth about accidents is that a person gets hurt in one every ten seconds," said Johnson, who considered that "with so many accidents occurring, some of the culprits will try to stiff their victims out of compensation for medical bills and other related expenses."

Johnson represents the people from Georgia who suffer from accident injuries and have trouble getting their offenders to take responsibility.

There are a variety of pricey costs that come along with automobile accidents, such as medical bills, lost income due to sick time and vehicle repairs. Not only is Darwin F. Johnson a qualified work injury lawyer serving Athens, GA and surrounding towns, but he is equally as qualified to help victims of automobile wrecks. To schedule a complimentary consultation with his firm, please visit Darwin F. Johnson's website, or call 404-692-6482.

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The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson provide legal defense for individuals all throughout the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. He provides effective legal defense for individuals unjustly injured while at the workplace, and gets them the compensation they need. Clients of Darwin F. Johnson don't pay unless he delivers compensation.

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