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The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer Explains Expungement Qualifications Specific to Pennsylvania


Blue Bell, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2017 -- Those who are followed by a criminal record may be struggling to assimilate back into society. With employers, landlords, financial lenders, and others having eyes on history records, it makes life very difficult for a recovering convict. Instead of suffering day-to-day, it is recommended by the Law Office of Edwin L. Guyer to consider expungement in Pennsylvania right away.

Expungement is the removal of evidence from a criminal record, meaning the slate will be wiped clean. There will be no public record that the information ever existed, and the data that could be used against those who have a criminal record will be eliminated. However, the information related to the arrest is not destroyed completely, and is preserved merely for judicial access in the case of another arrest or sentence in the future. Background checks or anything similar will not reveal an expunged record, allowing those with a previous record to have a fresh start.

In the state of Pennsylvania, those who qualify for expungement are those who are at least 70 years old with at least 10 years from their release without any arrests. Others who qualify are certain juveniles where sufficient time has passed since their discharge, and those with a summary offense without an arrest in five years. Also, if no disposition of the original prosecution has occurred within 18 months of the arrest and no action is pending, expungement may be a viable option.

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