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Visco's Experience as a Prosecutor Helps Him Understand the Prosecution's Strategy


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- Many live under the assumption that a DUI arrest is a DUI conviction and yet nothing is further from the truth. An Orange County criminal defense attorney knows the wide range of defenses which may be used in a court case involving a DUI and works to find the one which offers the most chances of an acquittal. "Don't try to fight a DUI conviction on your own. With the help of an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney, reducing the consequences of a DUI conviction or avoiding a conviction completely becomes possible," Joshua Visco, attorney at law, states.

An experienced attorney often chooses to use the argument that field sobriety tests cannot accurately measure a person's level of impairment, yet this continues to be the main tool used by prosecutors to find someone guilty of driving under the influence. People vary in terms of their natural coordination, the nerves and many other variables and all can play a role in poor results on the field sobriety test.

"When you choose to make use of an experienced Orange County attorney, he or she may work to elicit testimony from the arresting officer that shows you did quite well on certain portions of the test and poorly on others. In addition, he or she works to show the officer didn't properly administer the test or evaluate the results correctly. This may lead to a reduction in the charges or a complete dismissal," Visco explains.

The average citizen also doesn't realize that the officer must, under California DUI law, observe the accused for a continuous period of 15 minutes before the breath test may be administered. If the accused eats, drinks, burps, smokes or vomits, the 15 minute period must begin anew as any of these actions can lead to alcohol leaving the stomach and entering the mouth, resulting in a high blood alcohol content that isn't an accurate representation of the person's level of intoxication.

"If the officer sets up the breath test machine or completes paperwork during this 15 minute period, the results of the breath test may be disputed. In addition, the attorney can argue that the officer didn't follow proper procedure which can lead to the charges being reduced or dropped altogether," Visco continues.

Attorneys use numerous defenses when a person has been accused of driving under the influence. Contact an experience Orange County DUI for representation to fight the charges. "Doing so ensures you have someone who understands the various defenses used and chooses the one that is most likely to result in a favorable outcome for you," Visco declares.

About The Law Offices of Joshua P. Visco
Joshua Visco dedicates his career to successful criminal defense and opened his own practice with the strong desire to help others and fight for their constitutional rights. In 2006, Mr. Visco started working as a prosecutor within the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office where he handled thousands of cases, both misdemeanor and felony. He moved into the gang unit and prosecuted cases involving assault, robbery, burglary, attempted murder and murder. As a criminal defense attorney, the experience Mr. Visco gained while working for the prosecution helps him develop the best defense for each client.