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The Law Offices of Joshua P. Visco Launches Campaign for DUI Defense Services

Using Common Defenses, The Law Offices of Joshua P. Visco Fights For Suspects' Rights


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- According to the State Justice Department, more than 200,000 individuals are charged with driving under the influence each year. The majority of those receiving DUI charges are severely uninformed of their rights regarding such matters and are unaware of possible defenses available to them. In an effort to assist those finding themselves facing DUI charges, The Law Offices of Joshua P. Visco have launched a campaign to increase public awareness of the defense services they offer.

Joshua Visco from The Law Offices of Joshua P. Visco explained, "While it is true that removing drivers under the influence of alcohol and illegal substances from the streets makes our world a much safer place, many of the DUI arrests and charges given in Orange County are unfair, unwarranted and illegal."

Typically, those pulled over due to suspicion of driving under the influence in Orange County are interrogated immediately without their rights being properly stated. Unlike most other situations, DUI suspects are generally not given the option of waiting until their attorney is present before answering any questions. They are forced to submit to field sobriety testing that many people are unable to pass if they are completely sober. Law enforcement officials insist suspects take a breathalyzer test; if suspects refuse, their license is immediately suspended.

Visco stated, "Though this is an unfair process, it is still widely used by law enforcement. Contrary to popular belief, a number of defenses are available to those who have been charged with DUI in Orange County. Simple suspicion is not enough evidence on which to build a solid case against a suspect. I have personally had a great deal of success in using common defense strategies on behalf of my clients."

Pertaining to DUI charges in Orange County, Visco listed a number of possible valid defenses. Among the most common are mechanical failure of the breathalyzer equipment and failure of law enforcement officials to maintain and routinely test such equipment. Lack of probable cause for suspicion is also a widely used defense, as is lack of evidence.

Visco mentioned, "Many traffic stops are completely unjustified. Weaving in and out of a lane does not necessarily mean a person is driving under the influence. The suspect may simply be fatigued or feeling ill. Because of the common practices surrounding a DUI arrest, I also often find my clients were never read their Miranda rights as they should have been. I encourage anyone who has been charged with DUI to contact me for a consultation."

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