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Pennsauken, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2021 -- The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C., a law firm handling negligence in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas, is currently scheduling consultations for individuals who suspect a loved one has been harmed or neglected by drivers of drug rehabilitation center vehicles. At a time when substance abuse is at an all-time high, drug rehab facilities continue to pop up around New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In fact, the growth of rehab facilities has outpaced the laws that regulate these facilities.

Facilities may employ assistants and workers who are not properly trained or monitored. Facilities may hire past patients as employees. Facilities also entice addicts to come to their facilities, and drug rehab facilities may even permit their own employees to drive to pick up drug users in and around NJ and PA. This can be dangerous because these workers may not be properly trained or supervised in their position, and this can lead to catastrophic accidents, such as car accidents that occur with employees using rehab facility vehicles.

While drug rehab centers do not have the same degree of regulation that hospitals and other medical facilities are subject to, they are responsible for providing a reasonable standard of care. This standard of care includes a duty to provide qualified staff, a safe environment to recover in, and monitor the patients and staff properly.

Every medical facility needs to provide staff with the necessary credentials to perform their duties, and a drug rehab center is no different. However, "qualified staff" doesn't just mean individuals who have undergone the necessary training, but also those who do not have a history of using excessive force or committing other crimes against patients or anyone in general. Usually, if a staff member is engaging in a pattern of behavior, their access to patients would need to be revoked under this standard. If a facility allows their employees to drive company vehicles, the facility must ensure that the drivers they employ are safe drivers, and that the drivers follow all of the rules of the road.

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