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The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C. Sheds Light on the Importance of Checking Tire Pressure


Pennsauken, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2019 -- The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C., handles all types of auto accident cases, some of which are caused by defective tires or poorly maintained tires. The firm wants every driver on the road, from individual motorists to employees of commercial trucking companies, to know the importance of checking tire pressure regularly, as a preventative measure.

As minor as it may seem, proper tire maintenance keeps automobiles running their best and helps to keep motorists safe. It is recommended to check tire pressure at least once a month to maximize the life of the tire, improve fuel efficiency, even out the wear and tear on the vehicle, and provide a smoother ride overall. Underinflated tires expend more energy and use more gas to function, in addition to being hazardous. They have a higher risk of damage and failure and can lead to reduced vehicle control, tire blowouts, and worst-of-all, crashes with possible injuries.

Trucking companies have a duty to maintain their tires, and failure to do so can put other drivers at risk. Sometimes, tires fail because they are manufactured poorly. When an oversight or negligence at the tire factory results in accidents and injuries, The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C. can step in to hold the tire manufacturer accountable and help drivers pursue damages.

Motorists can't control defective tires, but a solid tire maintenance program is a good idea for trucking companies and individual motorists alike. To find out what a vehicle's recommended tire pressure is, The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C. recommends that drivers look for a sticker inside the driver's side door or find the section on tires in the owner's manual. Details, including the front and rear PSI (pounds per square inch), are provided by the vehicle's manufacturer. These recommendations are based on total weight and size, towing weight capability and recommended tire size. The tire's sidewall shows the maximum PSI that should never be exceeded.

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